A venture begun by Thomas Doucet, the finest bagpipe restorer in Canada (and maybe the world), JWM is now the premier marque for reproduction MacDougall bagpipes. Thomas was trained by the late Jack Dunbar, founder of Dunbar Bagpipes. Thomas worked at Dunbar until 2008, emphasizing on higher end pipes, restorations, and replacement parts. Upon leaving Dunbar Thomas started his own bagpipe making and restoration business called Thomas Pipe Works.

JWM Bagpipes are the epitome of old world craftsmanship. Using the best grade of hand-selected blackwood, seasoned a MINIMUM of two years after purchase, Thomas Doucet creates a pipe with the rich tone of the set from which the measurements were taken - the set sold from the estate of the late John Wilson of Toronto (to view this pipe, see here). Mrs. Margaret Wilson, widow of the great John Wilson, has provided her written permission and given her blessing to this new venture and is honored that John will be known to a new generation of pipers. These pipes are made in the spirit of the great marques of the past - MacDougall, Center, and Glen - and will be heirlooms in years to come. Pipes will come with an McC2 blackwood chanter as standard; legal, antique elephant ivory and mammoth ivory are available; the full range of Truehand Silver is available of course, hallmarked 'JWM' in Edinburgh if desired.

These pipes are custom order, custom made; a limited number of sets will be made each year to ensure the highest quality materials and finishing. Here is an example of a full ivory set with hallmarked Truehand vermeil slides with an extremely elaborate 1903-vintage interlace design engraved for the client by David Davidse of Truehand Engraving per special request. This set sold for $7500US:

A note on ivory: due to customs restrictions, elephant ivory CANNOT be shipped from Canada to the US without possible confiscation. The above set was made with legal, 1930-era ivory, and sold to a piper in Canada. Mammoth ivory is the perfect alternative for those who want it - readily available, rich in colour, and perfectly legal. We will be happy to provide certification for any mammoth ivory set sold in the US.

Other options for rings, slides, and ferrules include brushed stainless steel, hand engraved aluminum, or brass, and an array of woods or imitation ivory for projecting mounts. Here is a set mounted in brushed stainless steel and imitation ivory:

Note the wide cord rings, fine attention to

detail in the combing and beading, and the

overall immaculate finish. These pipes are

all hand-profiled to exacting specifications,

with no copying lathe used, and wax-polished

to fine sheen, not varnished.

Just finished and delivered Feb 2, 2010, this half-silver set has bright-cut thistle engraving and aged imitation ivory projecting mounts. I just set up and tested this pipe, which comes with a new McCallum McC2 chanter with silver sole, and the tone is seamless, perfectly blended and balanced with Kinnaird reeds. I cannot stress enough the quality of workmanship and finishing on this bagpipe, which is turned entirely by hand, no patterning lathe used. This is a pipe worthy of its name, in the tradition of the great marques of bagpipe making:

We will have more pictures as sets are finished. I look forward to helping you select an instrument that will be a family heirloom the day you receive it!

Here are some detail photos showing the heavy machined stainless ferrules and caps, and the projecting mounts, all of which are threaded for perfect fit on the wood.

You can call us at 510-569-1689 or email to pipey@cuillinn.com

Background: William MacDonald, uncle of the great John MacDonald of Inverness, in his MacLeay portrait as Prince of Wales' Piper. He is playing a MacDougall bagpipe