As with our sporrans, most prefer a less expensive Sgian Dhubh. We now carry fine sgians from The Sgian Dubh Company, whose parent group, Charles Buyers & Co., have been making umbrellas and sticks (that's canes to you) for over sixty years. Below is our current stock of simple and ornate sgians from this fine firm:

Pewter, resin, and staghorn sgians: Top left, pewter handles, interlace or thistle pattern; top right, staghorn mounted with silver thistle or stag's head on blackwood; all are $69.95. Bottom, left to right: Resin handle Interlace sgian, $54.95; Pewter mounted Morar sgian, $99.95; Brown resin Glenurquhart sgian, $49.95; Matte Celtic pewter sgian, $99.95; Oak resin Glenurquhart sgian, $49.95; Polished Thistle pewter sgian, $99.95; Brown resin Highlander sgian, $54.95; Chrome modern Targe sgian, $99.95; Brown resin Lion sgian, $54.95; Chrome modern Script sgian, $99.95; Brown resin Thistle sgian, $54.95; Chrome Modern sgian, $99.95; STaghorn with silver thistle on walnut sgian, $69.95; Chrome Celtic sgian, $99.95

Sterling Silver mounted Evening Wear/Formal Sgians: Thistle motif composite handle sgian, $209.95; Basketweave composite handle sgian, $209.95; Blackwood handle sgian, $209.95, all with imitation cairngorm stone; Staghorn handle sgian with thistle overlay, $169.95. All have a nice interlace design on throat and chape

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