custom tailoring

We now represent two of Scotlands finest tailors and Highland Dress Outfitters, and can provide many hard-to find items, such as Military Mess Jackets, Regulation and Sherrifmuir Doublets, tweed Daywear jackets, full military bandwear, hand-fringed plaids, and, of course, kilts.
tailored kilts
Hand sewn from seven to nine yards of tartan (according to size), our kilts are truly works of art. We offer either medium weight (13 oz.) or handwoven heavyweight (16-17 oz.) worsted tartan or solid colour cloth - call or email for measuring instructions and delivery time.



8 yard kilt (up to 42" waist)

9 yard kilt -over 42" waist

(call for pricing on larger sizes over 53" waist)

Gent's or Ladies' Medium Weight (13 oz.)



Gent's or Ladies' Heavy Weight single width(17 oz.) - over 400 tartans available



same weight in double width cloth - approx 100 tartans available



Cut, make, and trim a kilt from customer's own cloth - does not include shipping cloth to maker



Regimental pattern Tartan Trews - medium weight cloth - over 300 tartans

-Call for availability-



Regimental Trews in heaviweight cloth - approx. 100 tartans

-Call for availability-




We now offer kilts tailored for ladies - NOT the infamous 'kilt skirt,' but a real kilt, tailored for a woman's figure. All this means is that there are darts on the upper part of the kilt apron to better conform to a lady's shape. We'll have pictures on the site in the near future.

We strongly suggest buying the heaviest weight kilt for better fit and longer wear. Handwoven tartan kilt prices available for quote. For accurate reproductions of historical Highland Dress, go to our REPRODUCTIONS page



For many years the plaid was not popular; it is now having a resurgence as a staple item of formal dress. We offer a full range of Piper's, Drummer's, and Fly Plaids, cutom made to match your kilt.

above: the popular 'Fly Plaid' for summer evening wear. All Plaid prices are for 13 oz. medium weight cloth. For Heavy weight prices, call or email for quote

Piper's Plaid - worn with Military Doublet in 3, 3-1/4, or 4 yd. length, fully fringed $575-725

(Piper's Plaid is NOT recommended for civilan dress)

Dress or Drummer's Plaid 2-1/2 yd - the standard for Evening Wear or formal Day Wear $395-450
Fly Plaid - lighter plaid for evening wear - basically a fringed rectangle that hangs from the shoulder $235-300

For custom Plaid Brooches see our 'Jewellery' page



Day Wear, Evening Wear, casual, Pipe Band, or re-enactor, we have the proper clothing for you. Here is our popular Argyll tweed coat, also available in solid black, blue, or green:

Left below, Regulation Doublet, perfect for Evening Wear, in Black Barathea with Argyll cuffs, tashes (Inverness skirts - shown centre), and silk facings,; right, the popular Prince Charlie jacket and vest with Mariner cuffs:

Jacket and doublet prices

Argyll, Braemar, or Crail Jacket and Waistcoat, in HUNTER, ESTATE MANAGER'S GREEN, PORTER'S GREY, FISHERMAN'S BLUE, BEATER'S GREY, or POACHER tweeds, or solid colour barathea in black, navy, bottle, anc. green, anc. blue, in stock sizes - custom tailored available with wide range of tweeds - call or email for mind-numbing price (really!) $600-(Barathea)
$675 - tweed
Argyll Jacket only, with imitation horn (tweed) or chrome diamond buttons (barathea) $455-(Barathea)
Prince Charlie Coatee and Waistcoat, black barathea, satin lapels, stock sizes 38-52 S-R-L $395
Prince Charlie and waistcoat, made-to-measure $550
Montrose Doublet, in black, blue, or green velvet or barathea- tailored only call for price and tailoring
Kenmore Doublet (mo waistcoat worn with this doublet - tailored only) $695
Sherrifmuir Doublet and tartan Waistcoat - tailored only call for price and tailoring
Regulation Doublet and Waistcoat - tailored only $850
Military Mess Jacket and Waistcoat call for price and tailoring

all prices are for made-to-measure jackets or doublets - nothing is off-the peg! Add 20% to prices for chest size larger than 46". All waistcoats are solid colour except where indicated

hand-tailored prices are available on request


Available in red, green, navy, or black barathea or doeskin, with gold or silver lace, russia drops, shoulder shells, and embroidered badges as options. Be advised that these are NOT for the faint of heart, price-wise; as of September 2011they START at $1150. Also available are white shell jackets ($550 and up), blue patrol tunics ($650 and up), and mess jackets. Call or email for styles and prices.



A self-measurement form will be available soon. If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to call us at 510-569-1689 or email


Cuillinn Craft will NOT be held responsible for fitting problems in custom-made clothing UNLESS we measure you here or at a Highland Games. A 10% variance for weight gain or loss is factored into our measuring; most people don't gain or lose more than a few pounds between ordering and delivery, so we allow for that much variance. If you use a self-measurement form, be sure to get accurate measurements, preferably by a tailor. Delivery time is between eight and twelve weeks on most orders; custom weaving, hand-tailoring, or other options can add MONTHS to production time, so PLEASE don't call me and tell me you need a size 54 Mess Jacket (or anything else tailored) for next weekend...! If you DO need something quickly, we will gladly refer you to a good kilt hire agency that can fill your immediate needs.



We sell the full range of Lochcarron tartans in the three most popular weights: 10 oz. Riever (over 500 tartans), 13 oz. Braeriach (over 200 tartans), and 16 oz. Strome (Strome available in both single (over 470 tartans)and double (over 100 tartans) width). Call or email us for current prices on tartan yardage.

phone: (510) 569-1689; email

All images on this site used with permission from Tamarsha B.V. / Twice Blown Music and Sharp and Co Bagpipe Makers LTD