CUILLINN CRAFT is one of the few, the very few remaining makers of 'bespoke' or custom-made items of Highland Dress. We do not 'mass-produce' anything. You can be sure that any item made in our shop is one-of-a-kind, custom-made. We very seldom duplicate any item except those that are cast, like some buttons, brooches, and badges. All Dirks, Sgians, Buckles, Belts, and Sporrans are fabricated using gold and silver sheet and wire. This makes them expensive and unique. Cuillinn Craft jewellery will mark you as a discriminating collector of fine Highland wear.

Cuillinn Craft Specialties

Highland Dress Essentials

Sporrans - The Sporran is a pouch, traditionally made of leather or the pelt of an animal, that hangs across the front of the kilt. It serves as a pocket or purse in addition to the obvious protection it provides. By Victorian times, dress sporrans of horse and goat hair were common, though useless in their original function. All CUILLINN CRAFT handmade sporrans are fully functional, with handmade 4-strand thongs, sterling accents or cantles, and sterling chains. Evening sporrans can be made from a variety of furs; occasionally recycled sealskin is available. If you like, we can make a sporran from your own pelt. Send us a fully tanned pelt and we'll put a cantle on it and you've got a unique sporran! WE DON'T DO TAXIDERMY, however. We can suggest taxidermists to prepare your hide for use, but we don't do that. Preferred furs are badger, musquash, raccoon, lynx, or other non-endangered species. remember, California game laws are strictly enforced!

The Sporran is attached around the hips by a Sporran Chain or Sporran Belt, often passing through a pair of loops at the back of the kilt. Please note that these loops are NOT for a waist belt! They are for the sporran belt, to keep the sporran from riding down the hips and causing a crease in the kilt apron.


18th century style Day Wear Sporran - Elkhide and sterling, hand thonged with three internal pockets, 'cat's head' badge, and hand forged chain- $2250

again, these are fully-functional, clasp-opening cantles, not just the lipped plate with a leather strap commonly seen today

Evening Wear Sporran - Sterling and Brown Seal, cairngorms in chain toggles- $2750

seal skin pouch only available from reclaimed sources or customer's own pouch

Our latest creation, a Canadian Lynx with full head mount, made with help from our local taxidermist, while in progress:

and finished:

the sterling cantle and chain weigh over ONE POUND...price for this is $3000

above, three stages in sporran cantle construction. Left, the back section, showing the catch, the front plate, and the design template. Center, the back section reverse, showing the short chain and rings attached. Right, the cantle front pierced, with the sporran chain attached to the clasp rings.

The finished sporran and chain; fox fur bag, gold roundels and gold shield, pierced design, $2995.00 - pouch supplied by customer; with our pouch, $3195.00; this sporran is dressy enough for evening wear, or for formal day wear.

Dirks - Our Dirks are now available in 5160 Carbon Chromium Spring Steel. These are 18th century designs or modern interpretations, with or without knife and fork. Mounts and fittings are available in many styles including Gold, Sterling Silver or Vermeil; choose one from a museum or old painting and we'll copy it ! Handles are Hardwood, Staghorn, or legal elephant, mammoth, or mastodon Ivory; Scabbards are all rigid Leather (no wood inserts).

Right and below - Sterling and 14k mounted Dirk, ebony handle, pigskin scabbard, traditional hanging CHAINS- $4000


Click Here for More on Dirks

A staghorn-hilted dirk made for Dr. Michael Hawke, 1989; half-moon inlet, sterling mounts, brown leather scabbard - approx. $3.995

An ebony-hilted dirk made for James Hughston MacBain of MacBain, Chief of Clan MacBean, with St. Andrew on the scabbard; $3,200

Dirk made for the Clan Campbell Commissioner; all hand engraved with 14K overlay on locket. $4500

Sgian Dubh -The Sgian Dubh (Black Knife - pronounced skeen doo) is a small knife worn on the right leg, tucked between the stocking and leg. It is held in place by the garter band, the knife handle protruding two or three inches above the stocking.

Cuillinn Craft Sgians are custom made from spring steel blades, with handles of Hardwood, Horn Crown or Ivory. Hardwoods include Ebony, Rosewood, Ironwood, Oak, Walnut, Cocobolo - just about anything. Legal ivory handles are available at a considerable cost. Below are shown typical sgians from our shop:
  • Left - presentation sgian; ivory handle with 14k gold mounts and vellum scabbard - $3500
  • Right - Sterling Silver mounts with 14k gold ball on top. ivory handle - $1050

Note: unless indicated otherwise all our sgians have spring steel blades, which take particularly keen edges, and are NOT stainless!

  • Left - a silver mounted sgian with interlace overlay on the locket, ebony handle - $450 SOLD

  • Right - a reproduction of an 1840s sgian - ebony handle, cairngorm in crown mounting, sterling silver blade - $1000

Our new 'standard' sgian patterns in sterling and 14k: left, a 'military pattern' sgian with 14k ball top, jimped blade, $500

right, a 'waisted' sgian, plain blade, $400

various mount patterns available; studded handles and engraving available at extra cost

NOTE : Dirks and Sgians can be made up as purely decorative bladeless pieces if desired. Any ivory used is either Mammoth (fossil) ivory or pre-CITES treaty Elephant ivory. All ivory used can be documented for export purposes from my supplier.

- There are several opportunities to wear plain or elaborate buckles in Highland Dress, in Full Dress, Evening Dress, or Re-Enactor Dress. These include Dirk Belt, Sword Belt, and even Shoe, Buckles, made in a variety of patterns. Call or email us about different designs, styles, and ornamentation options available - these include engraving, gold or silver overlays, and attachments.
Sterling Silver suite in "Lord George" pattern


  • Shoe Buckles
  • Sword Belt set
  • Waist Belts and buckles

A hand-engraved waist belt buckle for the standard 2-1/4" wide kilt belt in sterling silver; size is 2-7/8"X3-7/8" 12 gauge sterling buckle with interlace engraving, all hand done by David Davids of David Marshall Silverworks


other engraving patterns available; custom designs at additional cost

Below, some of the custom leather tooling available from our associate Jamie Cavin; call or email us for pricing and details. We suggest a PLAIN or heraldic buckle with interlace tooling - don't want overkill, do we?

custom-tooled waist belt, 3" wide, blind-tooled. These can be done in most widths from 2-4" if desired

The same belt with edges and design dyed. Other designs will be available soon. Call or email for prices

A simple 'Two Hearts' pattern

Hearts and Spirals pattern with dyed edging

A variety of four-strand braids, from tight to open

Double Carrick Bend with four strand braid (leading to tongue)

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