u.s. marine pipers


By special request we are now offering 'unofficial' outfitting for members of the U.S. Marine Pipers Association. we are currently designing uniform elements to be submitted for official recognition by the Corps, some of which are shown below. For members of the Marine Pipers Association we offer a special run of heaviweight leatherneck tartan and custom uniform items. The following items are offered to members of this group, and to all active or reserve Marines:

8 yard kilt in 16 oz. worsted, Leatherneck tartan (up to 42" waist) - currently unavailable until we find a new source for the Marine tartan


Piper's Plaid, 3, 3-1/4, 3-1/2, or 4 yards, tartan as above (call for correct length)


Plaid Brooch TBD
Piper's Doublet, in piper green with white piping and gold lace in barathea $950.00
Piper's Doublet in moleskin or Melton (officer's doublet w/ gold lace and russia drops - add $450) $1150.00
Marine Piper's Sporran: full badger w/thistle cones and six brush tassels, white sporran belt $775.00
Marine Dress Evening Sporran in badger fur with gilt cantle and bells-

(also shows Leatherneck tartan and full dice evening hose)

Marine Piper's Waist Belt, 2-1/2"white (elisted) or black (officer's) plastic, gold plated buckle with appropriate EGA centered on buckle

$129.95 enl.

$149.95 ofc.

Marine Piper's Cross Belt, 3" white (enlisted) or black (officer's - shown) plastic, gold plated buckle slide & tip and appropriate EGA on belt

$279.95 enl

$309.95 ofc

red/green hose tops $125.00
velcro closure spats $69.95
Marine Corps Pipe Banner - Globe and Anchor on Corps side, Division or personal device on 'personal' side(submit design for personal side) Here are the first two banners:

As these are 'memorial' banners, the left side is black, with the person's name and rank in silver with the unit (division, in this case) badge above. A Memorial Banner for a KIA would have a gold star in the upper left corner of the personal side as well.

Suggested background colours for active duty are red or dark green, unless you have a personal preference for another colour. Send a detailed example of the unit device for accurate reproduction. We will soon have some standard division and unit badges posted here as examples.

$275.00 and up
Dirk and sgian - under development TBD


red/green full diced hose $195.00
Fly Plaid for evening dress (one size fits all) CURRENTLY N/A


plaid brooch - under development TBD
dress buckle brogues $169.00

Photos will be put up as items come in

Drummer's uniforms will be available as the need arises

NOTE: NONE of the above items has as yet been approved for official wear by the USMC. We are hoping that these designs will be officially adopted, but as yet this has not happened.

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