• NEW SGIAN DHUBH from Charles Buyers' Sgian Dubh Co. A commercially made line of silver mounted and plain sgians priced from $49.95- see our new SGIAN DHUBH page.
  • GRANT'S OF DALVEY - we now carry a line of accessories from Grant's of Dalvey (who used to own Grainger & Campbell bagpipe makers). Flasks, watches, wallets, card cases, and more at our GRANT'S OF DALVEY page
  • NOT NEW, BUT NEW TO THE SITE: ANTIQUES and collected ephemera from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.
  • NEW JEWELLERY FROM ORKNEY - We recently took on the OLA GORIE line of gold and silver jewellery, and it's become very popular. The best gold- and silversmiths in Orkney, they've been in business for over forty years now. The work has a sculptural quality that no other Scottish maker approaches.
  • HISTORICALLY ACCURATE KILTS - a few years ago we had access to correctly made reproductions of eighteenth and nineteenth century kilts - four yards, box, barrel, or 'Kingussie' pleated, made from heavyweight, hand-loomed tartan with the correct 'herringbone' selvedge. Unfortunately that kiltmaker retired, and the weaver is on duty with HM Territorial Forces for at least the next four years, but we have found successor for both. Check out Reproductions for more information.
  • CUSTOM TAILORING OF KILTS AND JACKETS - including hard-to-find items like military Mess Jackets, tartan waistcoats, Sherrifmuir and Regulation Doublets, as well as kilts, Daywear, and Prince Charlie coatees. Military Doublets also available; see CUSTOM TAILORING for details.
  • OUR PIPING T-SHIRTS - not really Highland Dress, but they'll startle most anyone! Irreverent and inspired designs guaranteed to raise eyebrows and generate interest in your favourite pastime. Included are adverts for our favourite pipemakers, advice for beginners, general comments, and dubious taste! Pictures will be up soon on our T-SHIRTS page.
  • SPORRANS - okay, so nobody can afford one of my silver sporrans - no biggie! We now carry sporrans from Canada and Scotland, many styles available - including military sporrans. They range in price from $90 for a simple Rob Roy to over $900 for a Gordon Officer sporran; we have only a few of the available patterns on the SPORRANS page - call or email for other choices!
  • D&M GANNAWAY GLENGARRIES - beautiful Glens from New Zealand - great fit, great look, perfect for band. Made in the old-fashioned shape that can be worn modern 'band-style' or the long-lost 'highland' way. These Glens REALLY hold their shape, and are considered the standard for band wear in the world. Available in small (6-5/8-6-7/8), medium (7-7-1/4), and large (7-3/8-7-5/8) sizes, ONLY $64.95 IN STOCK. I've seen Glengarries at the games selling for as much as $85; these are a REALLY GOOD PRICE!
  • CUSTOM WRAP GARTERS TO HOLD UP YOUR SPIFFY SOCKS - hand made! See the pix on our KILTS page. Copied from antique originals in our collection, these garters will set off your new kilt hose to a T! Available in several styles and colours, including an exact reproduction of 1880s Gordon Highlanders pattern. We also have self-tie garters for 18th-century-style hose, rosettes, Gaelic Knots (the ribbons worn by the Black Watch on their kilts), Cockades, you name it, we'll make it, for re-enactors and those of you who just want to spiff up your outfit!




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All images on this site used with permission from Tamarsha B.V. / Twice Blown Music and Sharp and Co Bagpipe Makers LTD