Volume XV Number 4 - April 2005


So April rolls around and it's time once again for the Dan Reid Memorial; I'll be glad to be there for the first time in three years. We'll have a report on the competition next month.

We'll be motoring on up to Woodland again on the 22nd; hope to see you there if you're going. Dtop by the booth for a chat or to peruse some of our new products, including a nice new line of commercial sgians which will be up on the site soon.

We've also pretty much given up on Herr Gates' software products and have just purchased a new Apple G4 Powerbook laptop. Most of the site work will still be done on the old PR Special, but all correspondance and inventory will be handled on the Mac.

Black Part Speaks: got lost in the computer mixup. We hope to retrieve it at a later date.


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