July 2009


And yes, there was NO column last month, OR the month before, so sue me... nothing really to talk about, harrumph (I didn't hear you harrumph)....except my banged-up knee which is giving me fits; therapy's helping a little, but we'll see. I hope you all survived the 4th of July, which I spent in SB as usual with family....I have been busy, making belts and sporrans, and will have some on sale at Pleasanton. We have pix up on my Facebook page, that can be seen here. The belts are handmade dress belts in buff or brown 4oz. garment leather(currently), fully lined with 3oz. oak tan lining, braided keepers, and buckled on both ends instead of just one for more adjustment.

Speaking of the Dreaded Facebook, it IS 'instant gratification' on the web, but I keep my involvement down to a dull roar...and 'Mafia Wars' is highly addictive - and can get, no, keep me won't see me 'tweeting' in the near future - or ever. I am something of a Luddite in these matters, mainly because I think that they are in the worst of taste and meant to tittilate rather than inform.

Another reason for the lag in this enterprise has been my dread of the approaching Six-Oh on August 6...yeah, growing old sucks, but it does beat the alternative. Not to get maudlin or anything but I do seem to attend more funerals than weddings these days...I did another Cancer Society gig on July 27th, this time an invitational golf tournament at Corde Valle in San Martin. Quite a few silicon valley bigshots were there, along with Devin Setoguchi of the SJ Sharks, who's a very nice guy. They even want me back next year....

So I promise to get off my duff and write this thing every month from now on, as time permits - or something!

DUNSMUIR had a solo contest of Grades II, III, and IV on July 12, Steve Coontz was there for his first outing on Sunday; Monterey the first weekend of August, then the big blowout at Pleasanton, this year on the 5th and 6th of September, the latest it's been in quite a few years.

One thing I think we can all agree on is BUSINESS SUCKS, and it's not just me. Both Campbell and Ben Lomond have cancelled, and the future for Campbell is indeed very grim. Too bad there's no 'stimulus program' for Highland Games....

Sad to report the passing of Jimmy Yardley on July 24th at age 84. Long a figure on the Bay area piping scene, he first came out here in the mid-60s to take over the SF Callie Band from then acting-PM John Partanen. One of the old school of PMs, teachers, and judges, Jimmy was famous for his caustic wit, including the famous 'Who's your teacher...?' tirade in Phoenix one year. We will miss him; for all his bluster, he was a fine man underneath it, even if he did call everyone 'ye wee bugger,' or, in my case, 'ye big bugger...!'

Ol' Black Part will speak when we decode his last missive....somehow the Sanskrit that appears when I try to open his file does not convey....

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