August 2010


Aug. 14th - St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band of Dublin, Ireland, has won the Gr 1 World Championship at Glasgow Green. This is a first for an Irish (Republic) pipe band, and it only took twenty-one years of trying. The band took all four Gr. 1 trophies - best drum section, best MSR, and best Selection in addition to the pipe banner and World's trophy, a clean sweep. Coincidentally this takes place during SLOT's centennial - another three day party in the offing, no doubt. FMM was second, Boghall and Bathgate third, and SFU a disappointing fourth overall. SFU's Jason Paguio won the senior Drum Major's mace, a small consolation.

Yes we're late again, but I wanted to wait for the World's results to publish, and it was well worth the wait. Terry Tully's stunning win really opens things up for next year - SLOT has finally made its 'chops' and it's a brand new ball game with SFU, FMM, and SLOT all in contention. Don't forget other placers Scottish Power, Shotts, and second place Boghall. LA Scots didn't make it through the qualifier, nor did other American bands Oran Mor and COW, a really disappointing show for American pipe bands. The economy prevented many Gr. 3 and 4 American bands from travelling, but they managed to have a record turnout and a record spectator gate. The BBC live streaming was a great success, with expert commentary from Bob Worrall.


We'll be in the Young California building, as usual, in the back corner in Space 28. Please stop by for a chat, a look, and a purchase!

As far as I'm concerned, still plugging away although business is abysmal thanks to a rotten economy; still have a really bad back so I can't take on any 'extensive' piping gigs - still doing weddings and funerals when they aren't scalped from my by the Piping Bandit....still having problems with the display on my Mac, dreading having to buy a new one...keeping the blood sugar under control, starting to work on the weight problem - again, this time more organised with it....and I'm really fed up with local Kalifornica politics - one candidate literally trying to buy the Governor's job, another doing anything to get elected to the senate - and I really hate the incumbant as it is, but there's just so much WRONG with American politics these days, why can't we go back to good old-fashioned mud slinging? It must be the fact that I'm now officially into my Seventh Decade and thus becoming an Auld Fart, but damn, with all the sturm and drang in the world can't we have a little peace on the home front?

Thus endeth the rant. Black Part returns next month....


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