Volume XIV Number 6 - December 2004


Wow - December already. Christmas orders going out, prezzies coming in for family, getting ready to fly off to D.C. for the holidaze - and still riding the bike, although I must say that cold spray up yer butt crack when you ride in the rain is 'curiously refreshing' (!)


Not much new here - except - I finally managed to finagle these two lovelies from friend Stewart McIntosh. Cast in 1841, the belt buckle is sterling, hallmarked London, by Charles T. and George Fox, rather important makers for those who know British silver. They were made for the first parading of the reformed Atholl Highlanders, and they are one of six original sets made for the occasion. I MAY, repeat MAY be offering restrikes from these in the future. You can bet that this set will run many, repeat MANY pingers.

Ol' Black Part has definately hung up his cutlass for a lasso, and is currently trudging his way to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Wow. Partanen in Cheney country - they haven't got a chance! As soon as he gets settled on the lone prairie we'll be hearing the horrendous yodelings of The Outlaw Cowboy Piper - think how the poor horse will feel! Sympathetic Veterinarians may apply here for references....

...Soooo, until Hogmanay comes around, we wish you all the best of the season, just remember, Cuillinn Craft is your one-stop shopping spot for all those neat goodies that NO ONE ELSE carries!

As we said, Black Part is on the road, heading to points known and unknown - soon as he ties up his hoss we'll have a cold blast from him. Mmmm - pipes in 15 below weather - crunchy! In his honor we have written a new little tune you may find amusing - BLACK PART'S FAREWELL TO BAKERSFIELD

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