Volume XVI Number 6 - December 2005


Thank God! Hopefully you and yours will have a happy and healthy holiday season. I'm a little late with this thanks to a rotten cold - or maybe it's just a reaction to a flu shot. If I get over this thing in time I'll be playing with Golden Bough on the 17th of the month at the Old First Church in Ess Eff at Sacramento and Van Ness; I'll be on at 7.30.

A FEW NEW ITEMS FOR XMAS: Donald MacLeod's Piobaireachd Tutorials - volumes 13-16, $22.95 each; the 2005 Edinburgh Tattoo double CD, $26.95; St.Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band, Dawning Of The Day, $18.95; Vale (or Wail) of Atholl Live In Germany, $18.95; and the World's overview DVD, Piping Up A Storm, $29.95. ALL of these are excellent; for those who have never been to the World's the DVD is a must; SLOT play some really great sets on their concert CD; the Vale never sounded better, now under PM Andy Renwick (of Ferret fame), and the Wee Donald series just gets better with every new volume.

BTW: get your Christmas orders in to me BEFORE Dec. 21st, as that's when I'll be heading south for a week in SB; the office will reopen on the 29th. If you have last minute orders we CAN ship overnight, but I HAVE to have your order by Dec. 20!

THE R.G. HARDIE wrangle never seems to end. Contrary to last month's column, it seems that the rights to the Hardie, Henderson, and Airtight names were sold to Premier BEFORE official liquidation took place, but were not properly registered. Another party registered the names separately AFTER the official liquidation, so the official ownership of these trade brands is still up in the air. In addition, Premier Percussion claims to have purchased inventory and tools, so who-what-when-where-how and whay are all completely foggy at this point. Needless to say, few if any creditors - including those who ordered goods and never received them - will receive more than a few pennies on the pound - if anything. This is a sad end to one of the best-known and, for many years, best regarded firms in the field.

AND I'M STILL LOOKING FOR A KNITTER! If you are or know someone interested in knitting heavy patterned knit kilt hose for fun and profit, LET ME KNOW!

Just in Dec. 15th - Gordon Duncan, of Circular Breath and Thunderstruck fame, has died suddenly at his home in Perthshire aged 41. We are all saddened by this tragic loss. His funeral will be Dec. 21 in Pitlochry; I'm sure there will be a strong Vale presence at his service.

BAD NEWS FOR WUSPBA DEPARTMENT: Heeeee's baaaaack! Yes, Ole Black Part has pulled up his tent stakes out there on the Lone Prairie, busted up his sod house, and is heading back to California just in time for the WUSPBA AGM to run for President again - the question is: 'Who will Black Part NOT piss off this time?' More as the stomach turns....and right after he'd finally got his 'puter running and email back up to send me his contribution down at the bottom of the page. If the below is any indication of his current temperament, everybody watch out! Until he gets himself permanently (but just what IS permanent for OBP?) relocated back in Bakersfield I will be taking any email messages for him.


True or False Test on who is running for WUSPBA President

Question 1: Stu Baker, the current WUSPBA President is not seeking re-election. True or False?

Question 2: Iain Whitelaw is running and gaining support. True or False?

Question 3: John Partanen is running...AGAIN. True or False?

Question 4: The Vice-President, Jan Richey will be "bumped up", leaving a vacancy for the VP,
which will be filled by appointment, and then for the next few years the same will
happen so that there really isn't an election for these offices within the WUSPBA
for years. This will make the leadership of the WUSPBA, as it always has been, a
band of self-perpetuating autocrats. True or False?

Question 5: Nobody really cares anyway. True or False?

'Ol Black Part AKA WUSPBA member number 0193PP

(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)


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