December 2011


And here we are at the end of another year. Good news - I've now lost a total of seventy pounds and below 300 for the first time in almost ten years. Off insulin, BP at 128/78, total cholesterol at 141, A1C at 6.3, and have eliminated or reduced dosage on four medications.

AS ONCE AGAIN I am very late in getting this together, let me simply wish all and sundry a Happy Christmas and we'll see you all next year, which I certainly hope will be better than 2011....for business, anyway!

Ol' Black Part - SPEAKS!  

The 2011 AGM for my favorite association, The WUSPBA, has come and gone.  Two and half gruelling days for me.  New hotel wasn't as bad as the ones in the past, and the price was right.  (Ya gits what ye pays fer in Vegas).  The new meeting location at UNLV was very good.  Now fer the rest of the highlights:

On Friday evening I told Bob Mason, Chair of the Music Board that 8 of the 9 bands in the Southern Branch did not like the proposal that they no longer play a Timed Medley but a 2 Part Slow Aire and 4 Parts of 6/8.  For Bob, this was a revelation.  He couldn't imagine that Grade V Bands wouldn't want to play the new set given the choice.  My response was, " Earth to Bob, and the rest of the Music Board.  Hello!  Hell...lo...o!"  The conversation got very animated and intense from that point on.  But the ol' pirate wouldn't give in.  Finally Bob got up and left, (had to pee he says), and when he comes back he don't want to talk me no more.  But the next mid-morning he says maybe the Grade V bands could play a 2 Part Quick March, 2 Part Slow Aire, 2 Parts of 6/8 Medley.  (Times out tae 'bout 3minutes and 35 seconds.  A Formatted Tined Medley).  This proposal was voted on and adopted by the membership at the AGM.

Or should we say just the membership that was there.  All 30 of them, including 1 from the Music Board, and 10 from the Ececutive Committee, and 2 hired instructors for the workshops.  Without proxies, there would have not been a quorum.....again.  So, our favorite association spent $9500 to $13,000 on an AGM attended by 30 persons.  Now there's a really effective use of our dues. 

This was followed by arguments over the proposal submitted to insure that the branches recieve their funding not later than June 1st.  Seeing that this proposal was not going to pass, the ol' pirate withdrew it.  So once again, the branches of the association have no assurance of funding to do the actual good work of the association by an association that thinks nothing of spending thousands on an AGM attended by a handful of members.  But I be just the ol' pirate here.  Ahrrrgh!

Ol' Black Part   

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