Volume XV Number 2 - February 2005


has come and gone again - SOO - Punxsatawney Phil did NOT, repeat NOT see his shadow and we'll have six more weeks of - this is winter? Everywhere else in the country people are enduring floods, blizzards, bitter cold, and yet - hate to rub it in, guys - it's a chilling 62 degrees out today in here in Kalifournya (Thank you, herr Governator). Of course there's snow in them thar hills, but it's mostly clear and slightly cool here on the coast. Eat yer heart out, Black Part! Living it up on the wild prairie, where it's colder than a pipemaker's heart in winter and hotter than Pleasanton all summer long - I don't envy him....

If you've been wondering why I haven't been responding to emails recently it's because the Auld Grey Confuter took another dump and $500 later it's back up and running, new chip, new operating system - AND NO EMAIL FILES! Thank you, Bill-Effing-Gates! Ditto for this issue being late.

Random ire aside, WHY OH WHY does the WUSPBA schedule its AGM on Stupor Bowl weekend? Were they born retarded or did they have to go to school? And why don't they hold the elections at the END of the year instead of the beginning of the next year? Beats me, but then I can't complain, I'm not a member....

A few new things coming soon - volumes 13 and 14 of the Donald MacLeod piobaireachd series CDs, and new releases from the RSDG and Bagad Breig. Speaking of the RSDG, they're the only Scottish regiment (other than the Scots Guards) NOT affected by the new reduction/amalgamation policy, beacuse they're cavalry, not if they could just figure out how to put saddles on those tanks...also pending is a new book from Heather Wiens, with proceeds benefitting stroke and heart disease research, it has a forward by FMM's Richard Parks, who made a dramatic recovery from a stroke last year. We'll keep you posted on arrivals.


We are the newest agent for PETER HENDERSON BAGPIPES; a full page of photos and information is now up, with more to come shortly. The resurrection of the Henderson name has been long overdue in our opinion; the line features David Marshall silver and classic Henderson dimensions for the true Henderson sound. Included in the lne are the new Henderson pipe chanter and the Henderson sheepskin pipe bag; all products will be available starting in March, orders can be taken immediately.

And speaking of things upcoming, we'll be at Woodland again in April, the 23rd and 24th, up against the 1st Whidbey Island Motorised Division, so support your LOCAL vendor, guys!

We'll have some more from Black Part next month, after he digs his groundhog out from the snow bank....


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