It's February and the games seaon begins with the Queen Mary on the 16th and Phoenix a week later. I won't be making either of those gigs but - enjoy!

It being That Time Of Year we must pause to recall two people who have left us. Jerry Jardine, longtime member of the SF Callie Club and for many years the Clan tent coordinator at Santa Rosa and Pleasanton, died shortly before Christmas. His infectious smile will be missed.

On a more personal level, singer-songwriter John Stewart died last month. Not particularly Scottish, but a major influence on me and an old friend. I remember the Phoenix Concerts some thirty-four years ago. John suffered a brain aneurism and mercifully died before he ever regained consciousness. My sympathies to Buffy and his kids.

Off to Santa Babawawa for ma's 88th birthday on the 15th - I'll have more when I get back. Meanwhile, back on the Scottish Main....

Hold on to your hats because...BLACK PART SPEAKS:

Well....Its business as usual with the WUSPBA!

Its been 3 months since the AGM, which was held in November 2007, and what has anyone heard from our newly elected Executive Committee....NOTHING!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Anything being done?   Hmmm!  Well at the AGM your's truly voluntered to rewrite the handbook on how to put on contests.  This was sent out 5 weeks ago.  The other persons involved in this project recieved the rewrite, but haven't even read it over as yet.  Now it took a few weeks to rewrite this handbook, and rewrite the rewrite so it could be understood and used.  But it only takes about 30 minutes to read it!  And if its being read critically and certain portions are singled out for additional rewites, maybe an hour.  So nobody can devote even an hour to something as important as this handbook?  Oh, right, I forgot....we are talking about the WUSPBA here aren't we.  I wonder if this handbook will be out before the end of this year's contest season.  I worked hard to get it ready for the beginning, but....!

Also, there were new members that were supposed to be added to the Music Board.  But these new members who were told they would be added haven't been contacted by the Music Board. But I am told as well, that the Music Board has way over the six members referenced in the WUSPBA Bylaws, so with now 'umpty-ump' members it must be taking the Chairman of the Music Board a considerable amount of time to contact everyone on the Music Board, let alone new members of the Music Board.  "Wake up Ken!  There's only 9 months left before the next AGM!"

The SILIENCE we're experiencing is symptomatic of the majority of the folks on the Executive Committee that are from Utah in particular.  Up there, a leader rules.  A committee enacts, and a 'warden' enforces.  The 'locals' comply....(resistance is will be assimilated) ! Also, most of the Executive committee is now from ONLY ONE BAND from Utah!  But this ain't Utah....and the membership doesn't have to comply....and the membership expects and demands even that we be kept informed.  So how about it?  Lets here something.....ANYTHING....from Andrew and Jeff and the rest of you.  I know you are awake, and you MUST be doing something, so tell us!  Tell us NOW !

John Eric Partanen PhD

(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)


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