February 2011


OK so it's been slightly longer than the millennium since I wrote anything. There just hasn't been that much to say, and I've been occupied with personal and family issues. I've been spending some time re-evaluating, and if this venture is going to survive some changes have to be made. Nothing major, just more things are going to be special order and some items are going to be discontinued due to lack of interest....speaking of not surviving, it seems that Craigie Originals sporran makers in Florida has gone under; no more wildcats (or any other fur sporrans) for a while...

In this austerity program we will also be eliminating the Woodland Games and concentrating on Pleasanton as our sole face-to-face venture this year, unless we get entreaties from one or two local events. Results from Woodland over the last three years have been disappointing, and not worth the effort. In addition last year they 'packed' the buildings with vendors better suited for a swap meet or ren faire than a Scottish Games...

If we do go to these smaller games, it will be in an 'abbreviated state' as there's no way we can haul the full shop to Ardenwood or Campbell...and once again we can't afford to go to the Queen Mary this year, maybe next time round...STILL LOOKING FOR A KNITTER!

On a more positive note, we will soon have a page up for CAMPBELLL CRAFTS, the only remaining regimental dirk and sgian maker still in business. They will be able to reproduce any regimental pattern dirk or sgian going back to the 1840s patterns. We'll update as soon as we get the page online. We'll also be looking at some new, special items that haven't seen the light of day since 1914....

ALSO new reeds just in from Xavier and Jackez Boderiou, the 'Redwood Reeds' with padauk bodies and synthetic tongues. We'll give them a try and have a review up later this month.

    Ol' Black Part will speak after the Boat...!        

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