January 2013


I have had the good fortune to find one of the loveliest models in the Bay Area, JanetDammit, who lives down by Santa Cruz, so on the 12th I met her down in Felton and we proceeded to the Garden of Eden in Henry Cole State Park. There we shot the Last of the Mohicans set with Janet as a female Hawkeye, all togged out in correct clothing made by me, with accurate accessories and my Andrew Verner long rifle, which is an inch taller than she is:

'Hawkeye Shoots!'


'Quiet Moment'

'Woodland Venus'

This set should go live this week on Zivity, really hoping for an 'Editor's Pick' for this one!

Then on the 19th she christened my new studio with All That Jazz, shot with grey backdrop and strobes. 450 frames shot in little over an hour of a beautiful girl in La Perla underwear and a silk bow tie, it's going to be really difficult to pare these down to fewer than 45 shots for Zivity:


Hope to have this set up by the end of the month, hoping for an EP for this as well!

Last but not least, at the end of the session I took a few shots of her posing with the Claymore Kirby Wise made for me 25 years ago. Now before you get all fired up about this, it's not about 'Scottishness,' it's all about vulnerability:

Besides, she's Greek-Irish...and my favourite model in this area....



Still no sign of reeds from Greg Wilson that's about it for this month, see you at the Games...!


[No new blast from Black Part this month, but he urges all in the SF area to attend the Northern Branch meeting Feb. 9 at the CCSF clubhouse, in order to preclude a takeover by the Dark Forces - Ed.]

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