Volume XIX Number 6 - June 2007

Ah, yes, summertime in ESS EFF - the chilling season. Really, if you haven't been out here, it's hard to believe that it can get cold in June. It'll be 90 and dry in the central valley, but with the marine layer, it can be low 60s in the city...or not! The season is in full swing, and with Games on the Left Coast almost every weekend, it's hard to get anything can be seen by the lateness of this issue. Not too much to say this month -

Our knitter, Margaret Myles, is hard at work producing new stock for us; she'll also do custom orders. You provide the sizes and we'll provide the socks. Stock colours will include off-white, oatmeal, fawn, lovat green, lovat blue, red, ancient green, burgundy, and charcoal.Other colours by request. She's doing the diced-top Braemar hose in some really nice combinations. White dicing on lovat green and blue are really striking.

No sooner than one problem gets cleared up than another is in my face. We now need a seamstress to make our custom bag covers for Ross, Gannaway, and Roo bags. We will provide the cloth and know where to contact us - CUILLINN CRAFT

We now turn things over to our esteemed and worthy colleague, Black Part.....


Ol' Black Part hisself was at, competed at, and judged the United Scottish Society Contests this past weekend in Pomona. These games were extremely successful and well run. Everbody behaved, 'cept one spectator I had to run off on Sunday at the band contests, with the help of a lovely young tenor drummer maiden from Misty Isles (I think she was more 'persuasive' than I was).

A "problem" that came up was on Saturday. Campbell Naismith was scheduled to judge band piping but at 1:00 PM still had a number of Piobaireachd competitors that still needed to perform. Very fortunately, because the WUSPBA has an Adjudicator Certification Program, and there have been members "certified", Ol' Black Part bein' one of 'em, the Grade IV contest kicked off on time with Ol' Black Part judging band piping for the Grade IV Bands. By the time the Grade IV contests were almost complete, Campbell had finished the Piobaireachd Contests, and had time to eat, and was able to step in for band piping for the Grade III and Grade I contests. No Problem!

Another issue that came up was there was only one piping judge for the band contests. The rules say that two piping judges are preferred, but that if only one is available, the one piping judge's scoring is taken twice. Ol' Black Part 'thinks', and yes I really do think before I react, that this rule should be changed to read that two piping judges are REQUIRED. We now have enough persons that have been through the ACP that this is possible. The Southern Branch will be looking at language to introduce prior to the November AGM to help make this possible. Suggestions from any members of the WUSPBA regarding this issue are welcomed. Thanks in advance from 'Ol Black Part hisself.

The Mesa Caledonia Pipe Band recieved an EXPENSIVE lesson, and a very UNFORTUNATE lesson as well. On Saturday night, snare and tenor drums were left in the back of one of the band members' Suburban, in cases, in full view. On Sunday morning, the Suburban had a broken window and all the drums, and some personal items were GONE! The drums might appear in a pawn shop or on eBay, but in what condition? Me Heart goes out to Mesa Caledonian for your loss. Others should learn from this. DO NOT LEAVE BAND EQUIPMENT LYING ABOUT, OR IN FULL VIEW. It WILL disappear!

Ol' Black Part


(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)


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