Volume XV Number 3 - March 2005


...Or so they say; coulda fooled me with all the 'winter-like' weather we've been having. By February 22 we'd received the full year's allotment of rain, and it's still coming down. Where's Noah???

This month marks the fortieth anniversary of the 3rd Marine Division's amphibious landing at Da Nang, Vietnam. My late brother was with them. We remember.

On St. Paddy's day I will once again doing the Great Pub Crawl in Ess Eff for Heineken. Just WHAT it is that Dutch beer has to do with St. Patrick, I'll never know!


A set of PETER HENDERSON BAGPIPES won the Metro Cup piobaireachd two weeks ago, played by Alasdair Dunn. Paul MacComish of R.G. Hardie reports he had over 150 inquiries about the new pipes the next day...

...AND THE BAD NEWS IS that the new prices on Highland Dress take effect this month. Kilts and Jackets have, unfortunately, risen 20% thanks to the weak dollar; they will remain stable through the rest of the year. I wish this were otherwise, but Thank You, Mr. Greenspan....

The following was recently discovered; the management takes NO responsibility for the following content:

The Gospel According to MacCrimmon



IN the beginning was the drone, and all upon the earth was the sound of five score and seventeen herz, and The Lord was glad to hear it.

And The Lord spake, saying: 'This is a deep and sonorous drone, but it is not complete.'

so The Lord created a second drone, of eleven score and fourteen herz, and thus simple harmony was born. And The Lord spake again, saying: 'I am pleased, yet there is but a single note among them.'

And then The Lord created a chanter, with low A tuned to twenty-three score and eight herz, and The Lord was right chuffed about it.

At this point The Lord said: 'Now who will make the sound of this my instrument?' and so on the sixth day He created Adam, and then He rested on the seventh day, for six days of hearing a drone is enough.

.On the eighth day The Lord

created the bagpipe, that Adam might fill the garden with music pleasing to The Lord; and on the ninth day The Lord created the Pipe Major, to sort Adam out

And so much yelling and screaming was heard unto the garden, that Adam would overcome the clumsiness of his fingers, and play the tunes.

The lord spake again, saying unto adam, 'Hearken ye to the words of pipey; they be as mine own.'

The birds and the beasts were full wrought by the noise, and fled to the far reaches of the garden, until the pipe major sorted Adam out.

Once the pipe major had Adam playing well, the birds and beasts returned, lulled by the music of the pipe. The pipe major then retired to Tahiti and lived the full number of his days with three hula girls.

And The Lord heard the piobaireachd, and knew that it was good.


February 2005 has been an interesting month for the WUSPBA. The L.A. Scots have joined B.C. Pipers, along with another band, the Salt Lake Scots, from Utah. A full set of solo and band contests were held, with WUSPBA bands and soloists competeing, that wasNOT sanctioned by the WUSPBA. There were attempts by the WUSPBA ExecutiveCommittee to keep these very relevant issues from the membership, as if we are all membersof some cult where blind trust and obedience is required. And now, from a trusted member ofthe leadership of the WUSPBA, more damning revelations from Mr. Drew McPheeters; AKA "Austin Powers" and "Nick Riveria" and "This Stupid Guy". For years, Mr. McPheeters,using these aliases, blasted and slandered anyone in the WUSPBA he didn't like, or who had an opinion he didn't agree with. WUSPBA solo members and member bands were ruthlessly attacked. Members of the L.A. Scots "unmasked" Mr. McPheeters. Once this occurred, Mr. McPheeters posted his confession and apologies on "wuspbachat" and has withdrawn from all positions of trust and leadership from the WUSPBA. In his own word, what he was doing was just simply...UGLY.

But it gets worse! The confessions and apologies posted on "wuspbachat" have been edited. Gone are some of the specific confessions and apologies to certain individuals and member bands who were mercilessly and anonymously attacked, the exception being the most recent attacks on the L.A. Scots and Pipe Major Scott MacDonald. Who editied Mr. McPheeters' confessions and apologies? Was it the WUSPBA Executive Committee trying to hide additional revelations from the membership? Or was it just Mr. Bob Brodie, the "owner/moderator" of "wuspbachat", in his omnepotence, feeling that this was within his discretion? What Mr. McPheeters did was wrong, and it was ugly. But what is equally ugly, perhaps even downright evil is not posting the full, uneditied confessions and apologies from Mr. McPheeters.

There IS redemption for Mr. McPheeters: He is a good drummer; a valuable and reliable bandsman; and his past contributions and hard work for the WUSPBA must be kept in mind. His "sins", if that's the correct term, were taking WUSPBA politics personally, and perhaps being a little drunk with power. There can be no redemption and forgiveness though, without complete confession and apologies. Mr. McPheeters was man enough to do so initially. How DARE anyone within the WUSPBA edit, or cause to be editied these confessions and apologies. Mr. McPheeters should be respected and forgiven now that he has confessed and apologized. But for those who have editied, or caused these revelations to be editied, there can be no respect, no redemption, and no forgiveness.

'Ol Black Part...AKA John Eric Partanen, PhD...WUSPBA member number 0193PP.


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