March 2010


Latest news - Lochcarron no longer will stock the Leatherneck tartan, so I'm hunting for a new source for the Marine kilts. Lochcarron claims that the goods didn't sell quickly enough to justify weaving a whole piece again, and special order (minimum 12 yards) takes four months and the cost is prohibitive....we'll keep you posted. As it is we can get the cloth handwoven but the price on the kilt will be considerably higher...I'm checking with our Reproduction kiltmaker on availability from other mills.

Regarding the season, things kick off with the Sonora festival on the 13-14th, then the Games begin next month, first in Lost Wages and then Woodland on the 24-25th. We'll be there in our usual spot, maybe a little smaller this year....

We will have a brand new set of JWM pipes to peruse and listen to - nothing fancy, just imitation ivory and brushed stainless for fittings, but the craftsmanship and TONE will be evident. With the pipes comes a brand-new McCallum McC2 chanter, and I must say I'm impressed. It compares very favorably to the new Inveran and the Sinclair, and sings with a variety of reeds, including our own Wilson reeds. As many of you know I have not been a fan of McCallum products, but this chanter, supervised and individually tested and trued by Willie McCallum himself, is a standout. We'll get a testing report from the Ol' Pirate himself when this pipe comes in.

Other news: The HBT1 pipe tuner is a hit - easy to use, accurate as all get out, and reasonably priced for the piping market. We'll have them at Woodland as well, along with Brett Tidswell's maintenance book and a few other new goodies.

We'll hear from Black Part soon - I hope!

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