MARCH 2011


So we're a little late out of the blocks this month but, hey, we're still here, which is more than some can say... propos of we're still here, part of all the delay and lack of posts here has been financial, and I'm happy to report that due to a very generous settlement, the future of Cuillinn Craft is much more assured than it was two months ago. Many thanks to the family bank....

...Got a message last month from the old Tone Czar himself, Chris Hamilton of Maryland, regarding some remarks made last fall in Black Part's column, in which the ol' pirate referred to a 'tone czar,' and the high-handed manner in which he acts. We must clarify that Black Part was in no way referring to Chris Hamilton, who, as far as I know, has never participated in games out here on the Left Coast and is in every way the perfect gentleman. Partanen was referring to our own peculiar 'tone czar' who hails from Southron Kalifornia....

...Just tried out the Redwood reeds from Xavier and Jackez Bodariou in Brittany, and they are impressive. Built along the lines of Wygent Mk Is, they have padauk wood bodies and plastic tongues on the tenors and a carbon fibre tongue on the bass, which combination we're seeing more of. I'd like to see glassfibre tongues on the tenors myself, but, right out of the bhox they went very nicely in the JWM demonstrator, good tone, not buzzy, smooth, and seamless. A great reed we should have in stock in a few weeks....


Had an email, then a phone call, from Duncan MacLean in Nevada, hadn't heard from him in about a year. Duncan was one of the 'Ceilidh Cowboys' with Kris Anderson in the early '90s, I'll never forget his Dress Italian Tablecloth kilt! He's still fighting myeloma, and our best wishes go out to him. I purchased a lovely 1890s sporran from him, belonged to his father, and may have been property of Sir Harry Lauder, no less...another little story for the sporran wall...

...The new incarnation of Conan Dole's Holmes on Masterpiece Mystery is killer - arrogant, needling, and intolerant of fools, and Martin Freeman's Watson is great. If nothing else, get the first season DVD and hope for a second...and yes, we do have some updating and repriceng to do on the books and bagpipe pages, as well as adding the new silverwork. This will get done in the next couple of weeks, so that by April we'll have everythiong current...just in time for the new prices!

BLACK PART SPEAKS (written on Feb. 22nd):

Ol' Black Part was at the Queen Mary Contests held this past weekend.  My congratulations for a well run contest go to Scott MacDonald, and the LA Scots.  Well done Scott!  Well Done!  However, 5 points each will be deducted for the Wind, the Lightening, the Rain, and the Hail!  The pipe band caught competing in the middle of all this is still trying to dry out and would like the points added to their scoring for the contest.  Told 'em I'd pass on the request, but t'was not likely tae happen!  Not in the Rules says I ! Ahrrrrgh!

The Grade I events were awesome!  We had the Alberta Caledonian Pipe Band down enjoying the warmer weather along with the LA Scots.  Both bands, on both days turned in brilliant and inspiring performances.  Had the judges on both days making hard decisions.  Hope to hear both of these great bands compete again this year. 

Seems the WUSPBA finally has a Treasurer.  Mr. David MacKenzie stepping up tae collect and count the LOOT!  I'll send David a map later so's he knows where tae send our shares!  Thankee Davey!  And Welcome Aboard!  Watch out fer the moonlight though.  Thar be monsters about!  With words fer teeth!   Ahrrrrgh!

Ol' Black Part       

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