March 2012


Haven't been able to post for some time for a bunch of reasons, the main reason being software issues for the Mac...anyway, I hope this will work, and if it does, we'll be back up and posting monthly again....

A lot has happened in the last three months. Black Part has resigned as president of the WUSPBA southern branch, and it's a damn shame because he was actually doing HIS JOB but...the powers that be there don't want people to do their jobs, they want ass kissers...

NEW PRODUCT DEPT: HIGHLAND BAGPIPE MAKERS, revised edition, lots of new information; ALLAN MACDONALD BOOK II, 100 more tunes from this national treasure; DONALD MACDONALD PIOBAIREACHD volume II, great transcriptions from Roddy Cannon and Keith Sanger; Stuart Samson's music collection; and new chanter reeds from Jack Lee, all in stock.

NEW PROJECTS: the Lynx Sporran finally approaches completion, we got the cantle assembled the other day and I will be finishing it very shortly; our first blackpowder shooting bag is done and dusted as well. Pics are up on our Cuillinn Craft Facebook page, and we'll have some here as we figure this new software stay tuned, keep looking, we'll be updating regularly from now on!


Ol' Black Part - SPEAKS - SOON!

Ol' Black Part   

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