Volume XVII Number 5 - May 2006

And the rains receded and the weather was great at Woodland; good crowd, and a good take for us. Black Part himself put in an appearance, as will be seen below. Many thanks to Zach and Jamie for all the help over the weekend. Now if only the gas prices would drop, I might show a profit some day!

The Dan Reid came and went on the 6th of May, an outstanding competition, with excellent performances by newcomers Glenn Brown and Simon Marshall, who won the Cameron Gillies. The Masters section of the event was truly impossible to judge; Willie McCallum did a beautiful interpretation of Donald MacDonald's setting of Piper's Warning; but Angus McColl blew everyone away with his masterful Bells of Perth. Jack Lee played an explosive jig/hornpipe, but was shut out of the prize list, very unexpected. Well, all one can say is - IT'S THE DAN REID! Great company at dinner; our table had Zach Gose and his lovely Nicole; George Baird, Rich Kemp, Glen Paetz and Lenore Kelly, Mike Wood, and the Two Guys From Chico....usual speachifying and some more great playing from Stuart, Willie, Roddy, Angus, and Jack. See you all next year....

Last month saw the death of two of Scotland's greatest lady writers - Christian, Lady Hesketh, and Dame Muriel Spark. 'Kistie' was one of Scotland's finest historians, although she spent most of her life in England, she was a grat friend of the late Moncrieffe of that Ilk, and her book, TARTANS remains one of the truly accurate and concise works in the field.

Dame Muriel is best remembered for her The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a snapshot of life in a Scottish girls' school in the thirties, made into a film starring Maggis Smith in 1969.

For those of you genealogically inclined The Public Records Office now has the 1841 Scottish census available online for a modest fee. has all the necessary information to look up your Scottish ancestors - accurately.

Just received these wedding pix taken at Borthwick Castle. The groom is Marine Gunnery Sgt. Lance Nutt, whom we outfitted (from the waist down) for the occasiuon. He's wearing his regulation NCO Mess jacket with the Leatherneck kilt and our Marine badger sporran. His lovely bride is just - gorgeous....

Black Part Speaks:

Well, I was at the contests in Woodland, and I found the Bull. Bull delegated me officially to set up the adjudicator's seminar for the Southern Branch. I started to say, hey wait a minute, but as President of the Southern Branch he can delegate authority to anyone within the Southern Branch. And besides, never argue with a man balancing a bass drum on his head!

I also had some lengthy and productive discussions with Andrew Morrill, new President of the WUSPBA. And before going any further, how about that band he brought over from Utah. Nice sound, well dressed, and polite as all get out! I hope to see more of this band in the future. Now...Andrew responses to my last posting were that the adjudicator creditation program was begun back in the year 2000 or so. (Who was running the WUSPBA back then anyway?) The intent was to have a system by the WUSPBA, of the WUSPBA, for the WUSPBA. A few years later, another President decided that the WUSPBA should adopt in total the system used in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps this came out of our interactions with the Ontario group at ANAPBA. So now we have a system that works in Ontario, but that doesn't work for the WUSPBA. As I've said.... time to make some changes..! Andrew said that a games committee in his area had contacted one of the only two graduates so far of the Ontario program to come judge. That individual wanted a roundtrip airfare, all expenses, and $500.00 per day. This individual said to the effect that he required this as he made his living piping. The games committee could not afford this for a two day games. And remember, they would still need to hire a drumming judge, and an ensemble judge, and maybe one or two other judges for the solo events. So now what? Cancel some of the events? Cancel the bands? Cancel the games? I kept repeating myself to Andrew...fix the problem! Get a system for the WUSPBA that will work for the WUSPBA! But I'm not sure he got the message.

And yes...that was 'ol Black Part hisself that darted out on the field in front of the Prince Charles Pipe Band to retrieve blowing garbage in the center of the circle! Pretty agile for an old man, eh! Aharrgh!

(More to come later!)

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