Well, Woodland has come and gone, nice to see so many of you up there last weekend, and thanks for the business! We managed to get up and back without incident due to the stalwart efforts of Dexter Stevens and Jamie Cavin. Weather didn't get too hot, and the last minute sale by the girl from Sacramento really made our day! It was good to see George Baird, Bryan Reynolds, Michel d'Avenas, and a host of others who flew by in a blur....

Sorry to hear that Chip Robinson, old friend and head of the Jacobite Air Force, is under the weather in Florida. Currently recovering from brain surgery (yes, they found one), he's pestering nurses and annoying medics in his usual grand style, and sporting a polished dome to boot. Here's hoping he'll be back to buzzing the Highway Patrol soon!

So the Dan Reid took place last weekend, some interesting results. First, congrats to Alex Gandy, winner of the Cameron-Gillies events; and also to overall winner Willie McCallum in the Masters Series. Jack Lee was there playing not his silver Naills, but a brand new Atherton MacDougall, and a rich warm tone it had. Good to see many people there; one detail not much known is that the competition part of the day is FREE to all piping students under age 16, for future reference.

Speaking of contests, there's some information flying around Dunsire's forum about a World Bagpipe Championship to take place in 2010 - or is it 2012? The information available is sketchy, and some of the promotional material is ill-advised (use of the word 'Royal' especially - and a bogus coat of arms), but the proposed purses are really out there - 100 grand for first prize - and this is supposed to be a KITCHENPIPING competition, with entrants drawn from the six major solo comps in Scotland, with no allowance for the rest of the world! Somebody needs a serious dose of Reality here....

Ol' Black Part HAS RETURNED from basking among the refineries of Aruba; we'll have another blast from him after the Costa Mesa Games. Until then, keep piping!

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