May 2009


...and Woodland has come and gone for what it's worth. Did well on Saturday, but what the hell happened on Sunday? Nobody was buying, the crowd just wasn't there, and Jamie and I spent the best part of the day drinking beer....oy. Wrenched my left knee packing up for the trip home and it kept me pretty much glued to the chair for more then ten days. Finally going to see my ortho man today (the 11th) so there goes any profit from this trip....

Stuart Liddell won the Dan Reid Memorial on the 2nd, with Colin Lee (Jack's son) taking the Cameron Gillies competition. We'll be perusing the Livermore Games on the 16th and 17th to see how they shape up this year, but we won't be going south for Costa Mesa.

More news as it dribbles in...both Campbell and Ben Lomond have been cancelled this year because of poor turnouts last year; we certainly hope they return in 2010.


I had the pleasure of being at the Las Vegas Games this past weekend.  This was a well organized and pleasant contest.  The highlights were that on the field were two Grade I Pipe Bands:  The LA Scots, and the World's Champion SFU Pipe Band.  SFU took the contests on both days, but not without LA Scots being right there with them.  Inspiring performances were turned in by both of these Grade I bands.

Now this is not to say that there weren't some good performances by the lower grade bands either.  There were.  In particular, from the Pasadena Scots and the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band, both of them Grade IV Pipe Bands.  There were two Grade III pipe bands who should be lookin' o'er their shoulders at the above two Grade IV bands and worrryin' a bit.

The solo contests ran well......but with only one complaint.....from 'Ol Black Part hisself.....! So....its me turn to play me Piobaireachd.  And up starts MOLLY"S REVENGE, at FULL BLAST!  Now mind ya...Tule Springs is 15 miles from downtown Las Vegas, and they could hear MOLLY"S REVENGE all the way down tae Fremont Street.  And the Bass is goin' .... AWAHAKA.....AWAHAKA....AWAHAKA....and I'm trying to tune...right!  So I get the drones as close as possible but all's I hear's is...AWAHAKA... AWAHAKA ....AWAHAKA....and some damn Irishman singing about some dame that left him.  So, I turn to Bob Worrill, the judge and I says, "How am I supposed to play with this mess goin' on?"  Bob don't say a word.  He's probably just as unhappy as I am, cause he can't hear nothin' neither.  So I start in on the Lament for Cap't MacDoughal, and I think I'm playing but all I hear's is ...AWAHAKA.....AWAHAKA.....AWAHAKA....and that same damn Irishman a carrin' on about some dame, I mean fer chrissake....go find another one, and this time treat her right, OK....and I lose my place in the 2nd line of the Ground.  Ya know....they say ya learn somthing new at each contest ya play in. I learned not tae try tae play while MOLLY"S REVENGE is performing, (or any other group like this), but to simply tell the judge, I'll be back when the "disturbance" is o'er.  Contest Sponsors......If ya got these types a groups performin at your contests, keep 'em under control and far, far, away from the piping and drumming contests.

At 10:50 AM Sunday, there was a very small crowd at the stage where MOLLY"S REVENGE was at.  There was no need to have the volume up as high, or at full blast.

Ol' Black Part   

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