May 2012


SOOOO...still figuring out how this software works (Dreanweaver, what I have figured out is fookin' brilliant, for $400 it should be), I'm sure I'll have it down by the next millennium...Meanwhile, back in the workshop, I have actually managed to finally finish the Lynx Sporran, shown below. It is truly magnificent, and, should someone want one, it will cost a brick. And a half, no, make that TWO BRICKS as there's over a POUND of sterling in the cantle and chain....


The cantle is a little hard to make out, but it most definitely IS THERE....

Also in the noos - I've recently started a second venture, Through A Glass Photography, specializing in 1930s style Hollywood portraiture, First shoot is on the 9th, we'll see how things come can see the style on my FB page I went to the Woodland Games on the 28th and shot a few rolls - yes, I'm doing this with FILM, not digital, I haven't got $17K for a digital back for my Hasselblad - and got a couple of nice shots of the 77th Montgomery guys...after I was knocked over by a flying tent!

Took this up there, it's really sweet, shoots like a dream, her name is Emmeline after a very lovely young lady:

This is the rig that goes with the rifle, I made the pouch:

Horn by Gene Miller, wampum by Dave Hasler, knife by Tipi Curtiss

In the not-so-fun dept. I had to make a Screaming Trip to the Hospital last month so Mom could have her third spinal surgery in two years. She's doing very well, but the trip East has now been postponed three times; I hope she's recovered enough to make it in September....

Just acquired this on eBoing, an 1830 period Sgian Dubh, bog oak handle, silver mounts. The clip-point blade is marked 'HULBERT,' likely an English cutler, this is the big indication that this is an early sgian, before 1830 they all had clip points, some as short as 2". The stud or 'button' on the inlet is very rare - to prevent the knife from coming out of the hose top, and also indicative that it was likely worn edge forward. Engraving goes all the way round the three lower mounts, a nice delicate saltire/foliate pattern, and the pommel mount is probably a replacement - not the same quality of work as the other three, no engraving, and a lot of excess silver solder residue. The leather scabbard is a cheap replacement, I'll redo that shortly. I may have Our Mr. Campbell copy this one - if he can get the correct clip point blades...or I just might do a few....

I also just put a little photo album with notes on FB called 'The Evolution of the Sgian Dubh' featuring this little gem and several others....

So that's what's going on. As I get to know Dreamweaver better the design will improve...!


Here's the last I received from Black Part Himself, in the Ether rather than the Flesh. This is his response to a report from the committee appointed by the WUSPBA Executive to investigate matters that occured before and at the Queen Mary weekend:


Lets take some items not in order, but taken on anyway: 1) David Mackenzie's accusations of misappropriated or misdirected funds were serious enough to warrant an action for libel and/or slander. Lack of action on the part of the WUSPBA would have been cause for further actions. I elected NOT to do this, but did use the causes of action to motivate the WUSPBA to conduct the investigation. Absent the actual filing of such actions, there is no cause of action(s) by the WUSPBA. Any such actions by the WUSPBA against me for motivating the WUSPBA would be ill advised.

2) I did NOT run the Southern Branch as a "personal fiefdom". What I did do was make it the most visible of the Branches. I supported three piping and drumming schools held within the Southern Branch. I supported two piping and drumming contests that are sponsored by two pipe band organizations of the southern Branch. I initiated scholarships for members of the Southern Branch to attend the Piping And Drumming Schools. I acted as the onsite Rep for the WUSPBA at most of the contests held within the Southern Branch even without a formally adopted WUSPBA REP PROGRAM.

3) I did threaten in an email, to have the Southern Branch membership to send their annual dues to the Southern Branch Treasurer for this year (2012). This was because the annual funding sent to the branches in 2011, usually sent in July, had not been sent [as of Jan. 2012 - ed.]. This was delaying financial support to the piping and drumming schools, the piping and drumming contests, and for scholarships. This "threat" did seem to finally get the funding sent, along with another email sent that stated that if the WUSPBA was not going to send the funding required per the Bylaws that the Executive Committee was not acting in accordance with the bylaws and that they then were "FIRED". Funds were finally received for 2011 shortly thereafter.

4) When the Southern Branch Bylaws were adopted at a Southern Branch Annual General Meeting, every member band, and every individual in attendance at that meeting was given a copy of them. There was an announcement that there were new bylaws for the Southern Branch, and I believe that announcement is still up on the website. At the next AGM for the WUSPBA it was announced that we had new bylaws, as the old ones could not be found. A copy of these new Southern Branch Bylaws was given to the webmaster and to the secretary of the WUSPBA. The new bylaws were supposed to have been posted on the website. If they were not, the fault is not mine. The new Southern Branch Bylaws should have been included in the minutes, or attached to the minutes of the AGM for the WUSPBA. If they were not, it is not my fault.

5) I asked Jenifer Febre to be the Treasurer after my first Treasurer Gary Speed resigned when he moved out of the area of the Southern Branch. Jenifer accepted the appointment and has done an outstanding job for the Southern Branch. Jenifer was re-elected at an AGM for the Southern Branch. As I do not have the records for the Southern Branch any longer in my procession, I cannot verify which year this took place, but I believe it to be 2010.

6) There seems to have been some confusion over the facts here, and some neglect of the facts in the findings. Some of this could have set straight if the committee had bothered to contact me. The fact is, not a single member of the committee bothered to contact me to receive my views, or opinions regarding these issues. I find this to be unusual to say the least.

Finally, it is NOT required that I be asked to step down. I stepped down and away in February - VOLUNTARILY. If the investigative committee had bothered to contact me they would have known that. I am not, and have not been the President of the Southern Branch since February 14th, when the AGM for the Southern Branch was called at the Queen Mary Contests. Only two members representing four bands showed up at this meeting. One from the Pasadena Scots, and one from the UCR Pipe Band which has three bands in their organization. A 1/3 quorum is required as in the WUSPBA Bylaws to conduct business at the meeting. I left it to Tony Webner, the Vice-President, on what to do. He cancelled the meeting for lack of participation. I stepped down and away from that day forward.

I ask that this report AND MY RESPONSE be posted in the next issue of WORDS and MUSIC. I think that it is important that the general membership be aware of the findings.

John Eric Partanen, PhD

Ol' Black Part

(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)



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