Volume XII Number 5 - November 2003


...Wait a minute, this ain't the Oscars, that's not until next week, right???

Good news from Don Ozvaldo: Reid the First, Emperor of SamDamCrisco and Protector of Tijuana, hath decreed that the Dan Reid Memorial will take place on March 27th next year, to avoid ANY possible conflict with any other event (wait a minute - isn't that Crocus Day in Golden Gate Park? Horrors!). Due to last April's debacle, er, fiasco, er, MISUNDERSTANDING, this next effort has been rescheduled, and the 2005 event will be on a specific weekend in April, designed to be non-conflicting with ANYTHING. Aren't we all pleased?

It is, unfortunately, That Time Of Year. No, not tax time, it's Price Raising time. Due to the fall of the Almighty Dollar, the rise in shipping costs, blah, blah, blah, some of our prices have gone up, noticably in leather goods and tailored items. We've tried to keep prices down over the summer, but with a 15% rise in our costs due to the drop in the dollar value, we've had to up the ante a bit. Sorry, but if I'm going to stay in business, prices have to go up. Have you priced a steak lately???

And yes, the CD is finally here, line up in good order, please, and we'll take your money. Oh, you want the CD? Well, if you put it that way...the preview is still at ARMED AND DANGEROUS - we've postponed the launch gala at Ernie's...oh, well, maybe next time....!

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