Or is it? November and the local temps are still in the seventies...screwy weather, no? Or maybe Al Gore is right...! Spent the afternoon of the 2nd shooting a documentary with Aussie John Schindler over at the Pampanito, a Fleet class WW II sub moored at Pier 45 in Ess Eff. Can't say much about the tunes I played, but they were mostly American standards. I'll have a copy of the documentary when it's done, it's about a young Australian who, like many others, never came back from WW II. After being captured by the Japanese at Singapore, he was sent to work on the Burma Railway for a year, then loaded onto a prison ship with 1200 other POWs to sail to Japan for more work as slave labor. The ship was torpedoed by the USS Sturgeon; only a few survived the sinking. Those survivors were rescued by the Pampanito and taken to safety.

Great response from those of you who have tried our new GrenadOil, myself included. Like Bore Doctor, this is a product that works, and, for a vintage pipe, is well worth the investment.

Not much else going on right now, so let's hear from you! Send me your suggestions as to what you'd like to see on the website!


Well, its less than a month now before the AGM.  The changes to the bylaws and contest rules have NOT been posted.  So technically.....there should be no voting on any bylaw or contest rule changes at the AGM.  Should be a very short meeting.  Reports, and election of officers; half a day at most.  Wanna bet there isn't voting anyway?

The recent brew..ha..ha has been initiated by yours truly....again!  It seems the Music Board, who is supposed to administer the Adjudicator Certification Program has had no training seminars this year.  The exception being one paid for in part by the Southern Branch in Phoenix the weekend of October 27th and 28th.  Now...The Music Board and the EC of the WUSPBA imposed the ACP on the membership.  The majority of the membership does not like the program, though some who have been through, or are still in the program have been 'coerced' into it.  Like me, those in it, and through it, also don't like the program....but it is none-the-less better than no program at all.  The problem here is the Music Board did nothing this year to follow through with or administer the program.  The Music Board was given a budget to do this, but spent only $38.00 so far this year according to the chairman, Ken Sutherland.  So really, the Music Board did NOTHING!  The Southern Branch offered to pay for an ADDITIONAL ACP seminar in Phoenix early in 2007, with the belief that there would be an ACP seminar sometime this year in Southern California.  But there was none.  There were no other ACP seminars anywhere this year given.  So without the action of the Southern Branch, the one and only ACP in Phoenix would not have happened.  In short, the ACP was forced upon the membership, and now the membership has to force the Music Board and the EC of the WUSPBA to present the program to the membership.  Ken Sutherland has taken exception to this analysis saying everyone qualified has been through or is in the program.  He asked me for names of any person(s) not in this category.  Well Ken, just refer to the list of attendees at the upcoming Phoenix ACP seminar.  Even one such person would have been enough, but I think there's eight.  Jan Richey, the V-P of the WUSPBA has weighed in as well saying...."It's not our Job!"  Lise Nelson says the last ACP they had in the Intermountain Branch, which was in 2005, required that the persons attending the training seminar pay $35.00 each.  My response to this was that this was Outrageous.  The Music Board has an annual budget to administer the ACP.  They should use those funds to do their job.  And it is the responsibility of the EC of the WUSPBA, myself included, to see to it that the Music Board uses those funds and does its job. 

In all fairness then, the Southern Branch should be reembursed from the funds given the Music Board for the one and only ACP seminar held this year.  Scotty Dean weighed in as well after I brought up the fact that the WUSPBA has tens of thousands of dollars sitting in the bank as cash reserves, and that if additional funds are required to administer the ACP, and financially support any other educational programs for piping and drumming, that that is what this money is for.  A response back was that cash reserves are required because the WUSPBA a few years ago was nearly broke.  But no mention of why the WUSPBA was nearly broke, which was from putting on a championship contest in Las Vegas, and not from a lawsuit filed by a member band as many are led to believe.  Of course, no specific responses come back to me, only personal 'attacks', but this ol' pirate is used to that.  I just fire a few 'broadsides' back, but it would seem I got a pretty good aim on these issues this year.

Ol' Black Part

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