November 2012


So I had to take a run down to Santa Barbara on the 23rd for my mother's FIFTH surgery in three years, her fourth back procedure, which gave her relief from the crippling pain she endured for over six weeks. All is well so far....

Heading north next week to visit with Seamus and Lisa again, perform at the Yachats Celtic Music Fest on the 10th, and to shoot some ladies for Zivity, including:

Kay Parker, who will forever be THE WOMAN, shot November 9 in Portland

Eat your heart out, Richard Avedon!

The incomparable Selene shot Nov. 12 at Seal Rocks. Wow. It's hard for me to believe that I took that photograph

Stunning petite Silvania, shot November 11in Salem, with much help from the very talented Don Anderson

Dino Unchained, funny and creative, a truly fitting cap to the trip

Ashlyn Orion. the perfect first shoot on Nov. 8 in Lithia Park, exuberence personified

and Angel_X, shot in Salem Nov. 11

As I've been saying, taking pictures of girls beats the hell out of selling bagpipes most days!


Once again I find myself without the services of a reliable knitter. WTF? Why is it that I can't get someone to make kilt hose reliably???? It's not like it's really hard to do for someone experienced....HELP!

Last month I shot my first session with the lovely Darkisme for Zivity, here's a teaser:

It went live on the 22nd as an 'Editor's Pick' - not bad for my first set on Zivity, so far we've gotten 130 votes....

Made some great contacts at the Sacramento Callie Club Ceilidh, even sold a sporran, many thanks to Bruce Locken and those who helped me out with setup and breakdown!

GOOD NEWS (finally!)

I recently emailed Greg Wilson regarding chanter reeds, and at long last it looks like we will be getting some in the near future! I will have 50 EASY reeds in about four weeks...or possibly less!


After a year of Turmoil, a Renaissance for the WUSPBA! John Biggar steps down; Jeff Mann steps up as the new President. Mike Terry doesn't run again; Stu Baker does as the new Vice-President. Andy Tremble now Chair of the Music Board, and Bob Mason out and off!

According to the new president, Jeff Mann, in a phone conversation with me on Oct 23rd, the focus of the WUSPBA will be on assisting, not dictating to contest sponsors, and education. Jeff asked me for a year, (means he wants me to cut him some slack). He says trying to change the direction of the WUSPBA is like, "trying to raise a sunken ship!"

"Hey! I fired a few broadsides", says I, "but I didn't sink the ship! 'Twas the crew that scuttled her!" Got me chuckle from Jeff on that one. Ahrrrgh! But I have offered to assist in salvage operations. Ya never know, thar might be some treasure still on board. So look to the horizon mates! Keep a sharp eye out! ol' Black Part be still sailin' 'bout! And my guns be loaded and primed! My cutlass and Dirk be sharpened and ready! And I got me a brazier on deck tae hold Jeff and his gang's feet tae the fire! And the line be slack fer now, but thar be a cage of iron attached to it at the loose end! Ahrrrgh! And I not be forgetting that during the last renaissance my old pa lGalileo got prosecuted and condemned by the authorities!

John Eric Partanen, PhD

Ol' Black Part

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