Volume XII Number 4 - October 2003


...are my CDs? They'll be winging their way to us from Discmasters in Illinois and we've set a release date of November 10 (birthday of The Corps). Operators will be standing by to take your order....HA!

Now that the season is over, 'tis time to pause and reflect - NOT!

Right Brain Department: WUSPBA hath done it again. In their infinite lack of consideration, they have scheduled their new 'annual championships' in Lost Wages (WHY there?) the same weekend as two other long-standing events: the Ben Lomond games in Santa Clara and the MacDonald competition in san Diego. This issue doesn't even beg the question 'What were they thinking?' because it's obvious they WEREN'T! The association's high-handed attitude is a slap in the face to both a major solo competition and a small games trying to grow in a difficult economy.

IN ADDITION, the 'WUSPBA CHAMPIONSHIPS' contravenes their own contest rules, but, hey, there's nothing new in that now, is there? They are sponsoring a sanctioned event that is INVITATIONAL, which is in direct conflict with their published contest rules for WUSPBA sanctioned contests.

Speaking of the MacDonald Memorial, good luck to all the competitors; looks like there will be five in the Professional class this year, making for a good event. In addition, the competitors from the MacLennan will be doing critiques the day after the contest. Have your competition tunes checked over by some of the top competing pipers.

And, yes, it's pretty much ovah, as Yogi Berra would say, and it's been fun (but painful) playing with the Stanislaus band for the last few outings. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year, BUT - I'M TOO OLD FOR ALL THAT MASSED BANDS CRAP! We'll let the kids stand out in the hot sun from now on....

...BUT just where DID the summer go? - We've had unusually hot weather from May until late last month, and now it seems to be cooling off for an abnormal fall (we usually don't get hot weather until August. It sneaked in early this year). As a result of the heat, both band and solo performances at the games this year were affected; let's hope cooler weather next season will prevail!

BLACK PART will share his pithy prose with later this month, after he competes in the MacDonald Oct 3 & 4. Just hope his track shoes are in top condition...and here he is:

I've just been back from the Angus Macdonald Memorial Contest held in San Diego this past weekend.  This was an extremely well run event this year featuring six Grade I competitors, and six professional competitors.  Not a bad tune or set was turned in by any of the competitors, which meant that the judge, Mr. Jack Lee had a tough time sorting things out.It is my understanding that most of the competitors stuck around and did not travel to the Las Vegas "Championships" held the same weekend.  The two exceptions were Doug Miles, (that's OK Doug, we know you had to be up there since your married to a WUSPBA official, and a man's got to do what a man's got to do), and 'Ol Black Part, who had to get back to his job, since this is still the height of the asphalt laying business, (at least I got the time off to get down to compete!).  The other grand attraction in San Diego was the G. S. McLennan contest, and this I'm told was not a contest to have missed, but alas I had to work, (no rest for the wicked you know). 

My congratulations to all involved in putting on these two grand events:  Bydand Forever, and The Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band of San Diego County.  Well done!  WELL DONE!!  And Thanks!!!   Congratulations as well to the overall winners:  Trudianne Melvin in Grade I, and Seamus Coyne in the Professional Class.  

Catch you again next month,

'Ole Black Part

(editor's note: since our friend Black Part turned sixty this year, he has changed his moniker to 'Ole Black Part.' We're not trying to discourage him, but the shiny spot atop his heid is growing daily, and we hear he's thinking of investing in that spray paint stuff they flog on the TV....)