Volume XIV Number 4 - October 2004


To all our faithful customers and readers, PLEASE send me an email so I can recover your email addresses! My untrusty confuter took a Grand Dump last month and everything is gone Gone GONE! I particularly need to contact Andrew Frater and Dugald MacNeill of the Piobaireachd Society, if anyone out there has their email addresses.

Pleasanton was its usual hot, muggy self - with NO PEOPLE. The gate must have been down 30% from last year. Needless to say we didn't do very well, but we did sell a lot of T-shirts. Many thanks to Jamie Cavin and Don Duncan for their invaluable help.

As some of you might know, I've been battling the poundage for several years now, and I can tell you DIETS DON'T WORK. So I went out and bought a bicycle, and am riding every day. Boy my arse is sore....but it's working.

Went to the Loch Lomond Games on the 2nd with Jamie Cavin. Nice venue, mostly pleasant day but I swear I've never seen more gypsy, tinker, and woo-woo vendors in my life. And I don't just mean Utilikilts and hippy joolry. Tarot readers, even. YIKES! And what's with the sword fighting on the green? The legal/liability issues there are just too much to consider. Maybe I'm too much of an Auld Fart, but as my dear departed father used to say, "I hate those screaming trips to the hospital."

The only competition therewas Gr. IV solo, ably judged by old friend Jimmy McColl. Saw former student Tom Jenkins, the Stimpster himself, with his 1890s MacDougalls (yum); student Sean Campbell took a 3rd in the 2/4 march, well done, Sean!

We hear that the Alameda Sheriff's Pipe Band is resurging; best of luck to them. Anyone interested in joining, contact Bill Anderson at 925-837-8114. It will be nice to see them on the field again.

NEW IN THE SHOP DEPT: Finally, after almost TWO YEARS of waiting - BROWN GHILLIES! These are well-made, high-sheen dark brown with a composite sole and heel that are COMFORTABLE. We have some sizes in stock and can special order just about any size in under six weeks. Best of all - THEY FIT! Of course we carry regular black ghillies by the same maker, with either leather or composite sole. $99.95 for composite, $109.95 for leather sole.

For those who are afraid to ask 'Why BROWN ghillies?' the answer is simple - brown is the preferred colour for daytime footwear, depending on your overall colour scheme. If your jacket is green, brown, or grey, then brown ghillies are in order; if you're wearing black or blue, then of course, wear black shoes. Most outfitters don't sell brown ghillies because they only sell band wear; we pride ourselves on finding the best for our customers!

Ol' Black Part will have a chanter reed review soon!