Volume XX Number 4 - October 2007

Well, yes, we still have the Seaside Games and Angus MacDonald coming up on the 14th, but for Northern California the year is - OVER! We'd like to thank those who have helped us out this year, particularly Bryan Reynolds, Dexter Stevens, and, of course, Jamie Cavin, Curmudgeon-In-Charge. We look forward to next year, with better displays, more products, and better attitudes!

We don't normally make political editorial comments - BUT - when Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmedinajerk, addressed the students at Columbia University and then the UN General Assembly we have to say, "How did this asshole ever get elected?" He rambles more than Fidel Castro, has all the logic of Idi Amin, and looks like a chimp in a suit. Speaking of suits, what's with no tie? Afraid he's going to strangle on his own rhetoric if he wears one? Enquiring minds want to know!

NEW PRODUCT DEPARTMENT: The Worlds CDs and DVDs are here; three CDs at $18.95 each and two DVDs at $29.95 each, well worth the investment. Camera work and sound on the DVDs is improved over last year. The long-awaited Gordon Duncan tune book, $37.95. and CD. $24.95 are also in stock, with many of Gord's great tunes and some blistering performances. I understand that there may be a second series in a year or two, Ian Green is hard pressed to put these together. Also volume 2 of Chris Armstrong, coming in a few weeks.

We have another great new product for pipe maintenance: GRENAD-OIL, from The Doctor who brought us Bore Doctor.



Use 'Nature's Way' to oil your intrument with genuine Grenadilla Oil. Grenad-OilŪ is absorbed quickly and completely into fine wood instruments and is the choice for the discerning musician that wants to add back exactly the same oil lost over time to their instruments. It is more costly because of the purity of the components and the R & D to perfect and manufacture it, but worth the peace of mind that you are treating and preserving you prized instrument with the best oil treatment available and a duplicate to the natural oil found in the wood. Composition of Grenad-Oil is verified by state-of-the-art Tandem Mass Spectrometry analysis. Powerful plant derived antioxidants are added for a long shelf life.

15 mL amber glass vial wil oil one bagpipe twice; this is sufficient for one year's protection for most pipes. Older instruments may require oiling more often.

Also now in stock: Greg Wilson Chanter Reeds, in medium and easy strengths. Fine, crisp tone in many makes of chanter; $15.95 each.

Also in the offing - tartan clan flags with embroidered clan crests, we'll have more information next month!

Made the annual trek down to the Ben Lomond Games on the 6th; great weather, nice venue as usual, good entertainment, athletics, and a nice piping competition, BUT -WHERE WERE ALL THE PEOPLE? Seemed that there were more participants than spectators...saw George Bristol, yes, I will be making kilt pins, George, and met Tom Simpson from Fresno, who runs the Clan Fraser tent, many thanks, Tom, and Craig and Lisa, new incumbants at the Murray tent, good to meet you as well.

Yes, it looks like Black Part is going to run for WUSPBA President again, batten down your hatches, me lads, there's a storm brewing! We'll have more on this and John's campaign manifesto in a few days.


(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)


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