October 2009


Seems like every day brings something new; today it's the launch of JWM Bagpipes, a joint effort of Dave Marshall and Thomas Doucet, with engraving by David Davidse. JWM will be producing a limited number of sets each year - current estimate is two per month. Each set will be of the highest quality and workmanship, no matter what fittings are ordered. These will be true heirloom pipes modelled after the pipe owned by the late John Wilson of Toronto, a legendary figure in Canadian piping. Prices will start in the $3000 range, with a variety of fittings available - mammoth ivory, imitation, stainless steel, aluminum, and silver.

Also now in stock is ON THE DAY, the brilliant insightful documentary by John MacDonald covering the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band and its one week of practice before the 2008 Worlds. This is a must see for anyone who has ever been involved in a pipe band, and for anyone interested in piping. I can't praise this enough, it's REALLY that well done. Video clips are on Facebook and Youtube, but the DVD is well worth $30.

The Customer Is Always Right (?) Dept.: Got a phone call from Lynn Miller of House of Bagpipes - seems like we're doing our job too well. A customer had his pipes refurbed by us and when he got them back he didn't believe they were his, he thought he was being cheated, and wanted to call the cops! After some considerable explanation the customer believed him - why he didn't just come to me I can't fathom, but it had me falling off my chair when Lynn told me about it. Guess our service is too good for some people!

Saw the Angel of Death at Pleasanton, seems she's getting divorced and moving back down here from Seattle - if you see any black contrails in the sky, you'll know who...da-da-da-di-da-da-da....

We'll be heading down to the Santa Cruz Games (substitute for Ben Lomond) this weekend with Jamie Cavin's clan tent; hope to see some of you down there, although there won't be any solo competition this year - too bad. Maybe next year Ben Lomond will resurrect itself, always a nice little event. Next week we'll see about getting out on the water with Jim Pennington....later!


We'll hear from Ol' Black Part soon enough!


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* a 'Catch-22' reference


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