October 2011


It's all over but the screaming...went down to the Seaside Games again on Oct. 8th, saw the Frasers and Black Part hard at work judging solos. He said, "Sherwood, if you lose any more weight we'll have to tie a flag on you." That's fine with me; I've lost FIFTY POUNDS so far on this quest for a waist again...yes the diet is boring, and there are days when I'd kill for a Club Sandwich, BUT - I'm getting my life back. My lower back problems are mostly GONE, my blood pressure has dropped thirty points, as has my cholesterol - I traipsed around Seaside lugging my musket, shooting bag, powder horns, dirk, and sword, and didn't feel bad at the end of the day. Three months ago I couldn't stand still for more than a couple of minutes without severe pain; now I can move about freely without problems. I can also fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear in years, and in another month or so I'll fit into a smaller kilt....also took my mother in for another surgery to repair a torn tendon in her hip, all went very well except she's in a great deal of pain. She's back home recuperating in the Med Center where she lives, and already is working on her tap dance routine....

In the near future we'll be adding some buckskinning items to the site - possibles bags, hunting bags, and so forth, some with shagreen decoration, maybe even wampum (going back to my Mohegan roots - HA!) as well as some more antiques I'd like to move. Sold the 1700 dirk, sad to see it go, but the money has paid for much of the black powder gear I've acquired recently.

On a positive note, our popular 'Funeral' T-shirts are back in stock, and we'll have some new chanter reeds from Jack Lee in the near future!


Ol' Black Part - SPEAKS!  

Well ol' Black Part been asked to sail away!  Disappear!  "Drop the Pirate Act!" 

Here be my thoughts on the matter.......It be fun bein' ol' Black Part!  Attackin' me favorite association.  They give me so much to go after 'em for.  They want me to "grow up".  Well I says, YOU FIRST!  The WUSPBA could be so much more of an association than it is.  But it isn't!  Most members think the association does very little for them.  They send in their dues and hope the association does nothing stupid for the remainder of the year.  The truth is most members, be they soloists, bands, or contest sponsors believe the association is a waste of time.  Now why is that?  Because not many really know what it is that the WUSPBA does.  The association does not communicate effectively with its members.  It does not effectively represent its members.  Change these perceptions.  Abandon the current course you be on!  Stop the stupid politics!  Drop the petty jealouses!  Unconcentrate and delegate the power and control the few like to wield.  Reach out to the membership.  Get them more involved.  HELP them a little more.  GROW UP!!!!!  BECOME ALL YOU CAN BE!!!!!! wouldn't be fun any more fer ol' Black Part.  I mean what I would have to do, attack ya fer being the best pipe band association anywhere?  Now that'd be just plain silly.  So those out there that would like me to disappear......sail away.....make it more profitable for me to do so, and certainly less profitable to keep after ya.   Otherwise....Pray a lot....ya never know.... ya might git what ya ask for!

Ol' Black Part

...and while we're at it:

15 bylaws and contest rule proposals have been submitted to the WUSPBA for consideration at the upcoming AGM.  And they think they'll still have time for workshops!  NOT!  But, if'n they consider ol; Black Part's recommendations it could go rather quickly.  Here's my recommendations:

1)  YES!    2)  YES!  3)  YES!  4)  NO!  This proposal is unfair to the bands that pay their dues on time.  The bands that pay late would still enjoy the benefitsof the bands that pay early.  5)  YES!    6)  YES!  7)  YES!    8)  YES!  NO Drinking and Judging!    9)  NO!    10)  NO!    11)  NO!    12)  NO!    13)  NO!  It is true that the EUSPBA uses a Slow Aire & 6/8 March for their Grade V Bands.  What would happen in our association is that the Grade V Bands would then need to learn the Slow Aire & 6/8 Set, and a Quick March Medley Set.  6/8 Marches are difficult for Grade IV Bands let alone Grade V Bands; ( Ever here 'em try to play Bonnie Dundee?  They can't do it!!!)  And the Grade IV Bands would still be able to play a Quick March Medley Set, and a Timed Medley Set which most of the time is the same Quick March Medley Set with a Slow Aire added.  Why require more from a Grade V band than we require from a Grade IV band? This is a really dumb isea from our not so smart Music Board.  Vote NO!   14)  NO!!!   This would prohibit Grade V Bands from Challenging Up.  As it is now, a Grade V band has the ability to challenge up by simply adding a Slow Aire to their Quick March Medley Set.  The Grade V bands in our association are really already doing this, and doing it rather well, so why change this?  Why add a contest rule that prohibits a band rather encouraging a band to perform at a higher level?  This is yet another dumb rule proposed by our not so smart music board.  Vote NO!    15)  YES!  This is the only smart proposal made by the Music Board in years.  It eliminates confusion.  And a Yes vote here may encourage the Music Board to submitt more proposals that make sense in the future.

Ol' Black Part   

(The management of Cuillinn Craft takes NO responsibility for any editorial statements made by John Eric Partanen PhD. Any and all comments should be directed to BLACK PART)


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