Thanks to this computer crashing, burning, and otherwise wreaking havoc the column isfour weeks late - sorry. Had to have all the data retrieved from a dead hard drive, new power source and drive installed, re-install EVERYTHING and get all the BMW files reloaded, go searching for a copy of FrontPage Express, yada-yada-yada....oy.

As the season IS now officially over, Fresno, Ben Lomond, and Seaside having come and gone, pipers across the west are reviewing their performances,pondering new tunes, and figuring out how they'll be able to afford that new chanter in today's sinking economy. Congrats to former student Sean Campbell's win at Ben Lomond; it's been a long time coming.

JUST IN - THE CDS AND DVDS OF THE WORLD'S -  three CDs and two DVDs - at regular prices. I must admit the new format is much better, but couldn't they just package all the CDs as one?

THe big news this month is WE"RE MOVING! Yes, yours truly has bought a house and will be moving in December after construction and upgrades are done, hopefully before Christmas.

OTHER NEWS: Sharp & Co. officially ends business on Nov. 30th - but that's not the end of the Sharp boys. On December 1st J&R Glen Ltd. (incorporating David Glen and Sons) will be up and running at the Barrack St. address, along with Drumran, and the Robertson Seasoning Co. Greig's health is still not that good, but he is fighting hard. Oll the best to him, and Drew and Steven as well.

New Products: the MONARCH pipe bag in roo hide ($229.95), with grommets and a zipper; the absorption of an oak-tanned kangaroo bag with all mod cons; and the new, redesigned ROSS breathable bag ($229.95; $299.95 with canister), now in a spiffy burgundy sueded fabric. It has more weight and hide-like 'feel' for those who were put off by the old lightweight cloth bag.


More news as it comes in - we'll hear from Black Part soon as well.


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