Volume XX Number 3 - September 2007

Once again the column is late, but things have been afoot. After Pleasanton I had to go down to SB and help finish moving The Dragon from the house to her new apartment. It seemingly took forever, but the deed is done and the money in the bank. Everything still aches...!

I want to thank everyone who came to see us in our new setup at the Pleasanton Games, and especially those who bought something! While our take was down a little from last year, the move was definitely a good one, and the air conditioning was a really big help, especially on Saturday when the heat was truly oppressive. The new jewellery line from Shetland Jewellers was well received, and we willl continue with them from now on, expanding the line next year.

NEW PRODUCT DEPARTMENT: The Worlds CDs and DVDs will be in at the end of the month, along with the long-awaited Gordon Duncan tune book. I understand that there may be a second volume in a year or two. Also volume 2 of Chris Armstrong, coming in a few weeks.

We are currently working with a supplier to obtain new pipe cases. Our source for the hard slim flight cases has dried up completely, and the hard cases that are now out there aren't of the quality I want to carry, SO: we will soon have a 'soft' case in two models, cordura and leather. Yes, LEATHER. There is also a very high-end, handsewn leather case in development, like the ones pipers had some fifty years ago. Looks like the old 'coffin style' wooden case, but in leather with luggage straps and leather handle...and it won't be cheap.

It doesn't seem like it, but it's been five years on the 19th since we buried my brother at Arlington. They say time heals all wounds, but this one is still fresh. The 22nd will mark the fortieth anniversary of my father's death. Without his entusiastic support, I probably never would have become a piper, or have gotten into this business. Enough to hear from Black Part....


Message sent.....message received....but how many actually got the message? At the band contests ON Saturday in Pleasanton the judges were instructed to not give any numerical scores and to rank only the top six bands, 1st through 6th. OK in the Grade III and Grade I contests. There were, however, 18 Grade IV bands. The lack of the numerical scores made determination of the winners difficult at best. How were the winners determined? Your guess is as good as mine. This caused a "hullabaloo" to say the least, with most or all of the Grade IV bands being very unhappy, and asking for "heads to roll!"

Well...a couple of years ago, most of these same bands at the AGM voted in the recommendation from our Music Committee not to put numerical scores on the solo piping and drumming sheets and to rank only the top six winners. Most or all of the solo competitors didn't like this, but the BANDS voted it in anyway. Now....the BANDS, and mostly the Grade IV BANDS, got a taste of their own medicine....and guess what....they didn't like it!!!! Message sent.....message received.....! Good One Bill !!! On Sunday, again there were no numerical scores, but....each band was ranked, and in particular, each Grade IV band was ranked 1st through 18th by the judges, without numerical scores.

So again...message sent....message received....but how many actually got the message ? Again, Good One Bill !!! I ain't the only pirate around.....Ol' Black Part

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