Volume XVI Number 3-4 - September-October 2005


Sooo - Pleasanton went well, except for the tables fiasco; when all was said and done, I think I cleared $.37 and a beer ticket. Sorry for no column last month, but my dealings with Gunga Din and his noddling cronies left me in a serious state of 'I'm gonna kill something...' so it's better that my sentiments of the last three weeks go unrecorded.

GOOD NEWS DEPARTMENT: The World's CDs, all three volumes of Grade I competition, are here. along with the new Shotts CD. I'm glad they're sticking to this format; now if they'd only issue a Grade II comp. CD as well....ALSO the NovaCane reeds are winging their way westward as I write; I will have them the first week in October - hmmm, that's just like the Supreme Court, isn't it? I really can't say enough about this really great reed. It produces that 'organ-like' sound that synthetics have been trying to reproduce for twenty years.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, it's too bad that family friend Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down, but her family's health problems come first. Let's hope her replacement is as open minded as she has been for the last twenty-four years.

Missed Dixon and the tent flying contest they had in the morning, but I'll be down at Loch Lomond on the 1st to witness their annual foolishness - come on, people, tarot card readers and Belly Dancers at a Highland Games? I know the Angel of Death tried that at Dunsmuir, but I never thought the insanity would spread....

More MARINE news: as Justin Stodghill retires this month, his duties as editor of the Marine Pipers website will be taken over by Sgt. Stanley, currently stationed in DC. I understand he will be updating the site and issuing a new number of their newsletter shortly.

News from Glasgow: The Band Room is officially sunk, and it looks like RG Hardie's decks are awash. I was phoned by Paul McComish that business was continuing 'as usual' but it looks like the debt load is just too great for them to carry on. I'll have more on this and other news later in the month, along with another pithy contrib from Black Part, and another installment of his campaign platform for WUSPBA President.

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of a very old and dear friend - Prof. Lew Tilley - on Oct. 4. A fine wit, great artist, raconteur, gourmet, and all-around good man, He was the father of Eve and Meg, good friends from CC. Though not in the piping scene, he loved the music and was a True Southern Gentleman of the Old School. Ave et Vale, Lew.


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