Volume XVIII Number 3 - September 2006

In spite of all predictions, the weather at Pleasanton was - PLEASANT for a change. Not too bad on Saturday, and downright cool on Sunday. Sales were up a little from last year, and I didn't have my tables stolen, so I actually broke even! Good to see many of you there, and we look forward to the possibility of moving up into the Big Kid building next

Sorry if this edition is late; immediately after recovering from Pleasanton I had to drive down to SB for the weekend following, and am only getting this up two weeks after it should have been on your screens. I also recently had emails from Susan Galtere, for whom I wrote a tune several years ago. Seems she's up in the Mt. Shasta area these days, guess I'll have to pay her a visit and play the tune for her!

At Pleasanton I had several inquiries but no takers on the Canning reeds - seems people want to hear it from a Known Player over here before they indulge. I'll have Ole Black Part give them a going over ASAP.

And it's been five years - where were YOU on September 11, 2001? How many of you played memorials? How many of you were there? All this time and that bastard still hasn't been caught or killed, there's no memorial to the dead, and we still have 130,000 soldiers in Iraq - just like the British had 85 years ago. Yes, campers, that's right, Britain had over 130,000 men in Iraq in 1921 trying to keep the peace and establish a country, and the same sort of thing was happening to them - without the truck bombs. They finally put Faisal on the throne and left - in 1932...after almost FIFTEEN years of occupation. Makes you think, don't it?


Speaking of the Pirate, there's quite a flap over his not making the WUSPBA 'A' judge's list. Seems every time he jumps through one of their hoops, they lose all documentation of his previous jumps! Here's what he has to say about it:


Well it seems the "issue" is out there on the Dunsire website. Here are the facts: 1) I turned in a 6 page piping resume in the year 2000. 2) I completed my "shadow judging" requirements in the year 2000, "shadow judging" at San Diego one day, Monterey two days, and Pleasanton two days, turning in sheets for both band piping and band ensemble. 2) The Music Committee can't seem to find any of these submittals. 3) I took the band piping and solo light music exams in July 2006 and passed both exams: band piping was 95% and I actually did better on the band piping than I did in the solo light music exam. About 30 minutes before I was scheduled to compete in the pro piping contests at Pleasanton, Campbell Naismith handed me my exam results in the lobby of the San Ramon Marriott hotel. He informed me that, "You're not a band person. You should not have taken the band piping exam. You're not qualified to be a pipe band adjudicator."

I got very close to causing a scene, but thought better of it as I had only 30 minutes before I competed. I did inform a several people of this matter though throughout the rest of the Pleasanton weekend. I also sat down with Andrew Morrill, President of the WUSPBA and told him he had a BIG problem concerning this issue, and one that would ultimately make the intire ACP that the Music Committee has imposed on the WUSPBA incredible, and by that I mean lacking any credibility whatsoever. I told Andrew Morrill that if he could not get Campbell Naismith, or the rest of the Music Committee to alter their position with respect to this issue that he had really no choice other than to ask for resignations from this appointed committee.

I also told Andrew Morrill that I had identified the fact that the Music Committee was OUT OF CONTROL before the election of officers at the last AGM in February, (see previous Black Part Speaks postings), and that if I had been elected President of the WUSPBA one of the first things on my agenda was to have a talk with Campbell Naismith and the rest of the Music Committee to get them back under control, and if these talks were not productive that I would have FIRED THEM ALL ON THE SPOT and appointed members to the Music Committee more in "tune" with the needs of the WUSPBA and in particular are WUSPBA Games Contest Sponsors who are finding it increasingly more difficult to hire judges as the Music Committee continues to "red line" more and more truly "qualified" persons from the judges lists.

I have not heard from Andrew Morrill concerning this issue. But now that this issue is out, several things are now apparent to everyone in the WUSPBA. The Music Committee IS out of control, and must be brought back under control. This is the job of the President; if our President fails to act, then it is actually the Music Committee running the WUSPBA and Andrew becomes what is called in Washington D.C. a "Lame Duck"! If the Music Committee, an appointed committee is runing the WUSPBA, and is allowed to act as it has, or in similar situations with no accountability to the membership of the WUSPBA, then the WUSPBA itself loses any credibility it still may have.

So...Andrew Morrill, President of the WUSPBA, MUST ACT, and he must act accordingly. Campbell Naismith, Chairperson of the Music Committee MUST BE FIRED. Any of the remaining members of the Music Committee agreeing with Campbell Naismith concerning this issue, or similar issues, MUST BE FIRED! And even IF I'm placed on the list as a qualified pipe band piping judge at this point, since Campbell Naismith, and members of the Music Committee have acted inappropriately and caused this CRISIS concerning the credibility of the WUSPBA , they MUST BE FIRED! If Andrew Morrill fails to act to bring the Music Committee back under control, then our President, must be RECALLED.

Ol' Black Part AKA John ERic Partanen, PhD WUSPBA member number 0193PP

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