Above: a selection of Kintail long practice chanters. LtoR: sterling silver mounted, all blackwood - $1275.00; blackwood with real ivory sole and nickel ferrule - poly top special order only - price on request; full imitation ivory mounted chanter, blackwood with poly top - $219.95; all poly chanter with nickel ferrule and imitation sole - $169.95; plain poly chanter - $119.95; shown with the Highland Emigrant's Piping Tutor and CD, - sorry, out of print at this time We will substitute the COP green book and CD-ROM. Any set of chanter, book and CD is $20 more than chanter alone. Practice chanters are available to order with any mount combination shown on the 'Bagpipe Mounts' page.

PRACTICE CHANTERS come in every mount combination available, and are made of blackwood or delrin. Prices begin at $79.95 for a child's poly practice chanter and go all the way up to $1275 for a presentation full silver-mounted all-blackwood long practice chanter. We strongly suggest the 'long' chanter for adult learners as it affords the same hole spacing as a full pipe chanter. Long chanters start at $139.95 in polypenco and $219.95 in blackwood. Contact us at 510-569-1689 or email for our current stock and options available on special order.


IN ADDITION we carry the FAGERSTROM ELECTRONIC PRACTICE CHANTER, perfect for practising on the bus, train, or plane, just don't try it while driving. Adjustable pitch and volume, comes with headphones and carry case, $309.95. Again, THIS IS NOT A TOY, but a serious teaching tool. Absolutely unforgiving on crossing noises and false fingering, it has adjustable pitch, volume, and sensitivity.

ALSO AVAILABLE - the Fagerstrom TECHNOPIPE - completer with drone tones, adjustable pitch and sound, $399.95


All images on this site used with permission from Tamarsha B.V. / Twice Blown Music and Sharp and Co Bagpipe Makers LTD