top left- ZERO™ 134X Onyx case with foam interior; humidity gauge and humidifier visible in lower corners. Reed box insert is covered by pipe bag. top right, ZERO™ 134X Silver case, lined foam interior.

bottom left, exterior of case showing hasps and combination lock; bottom right, exterior of silver case

thanks to Mark Frost for onyx case photos

Our new ZERO™ Pipe Case is airtight, watertight, withstands over 2000psi static weight, it even floats! Comes with humidity indicator/humidifier, 2" of foam lining all around, combination lock, and positive rubber valence seal. This is NOT an average pipe case! Perfect for your vintage Hendersons, MacDonalds, Glens, Robertsons, Lawries, or whatever antique pipes you want to PRESERVE from heat and moisture loss damage. Yes, the price is intimidating at $749.95 - but think of it as insurance, especially if you're toting antique pipes or your full silver set (like the one above) around to games or anywhere. The case is slightly larger than the standard flight case, measuring approx. 7"x13"x26", and it snugly holds one set of pipes and a FEW accessories - chanter cap, small reed box, and a glengarry. There's not a lot of extra room in this case, so don't expect to lug a lot of extras around in one. Remember, this case's major feature is PROTECTION - from heat, shock, and dryness, as the pipes are held in place by pressure from the foam lining. The foam also acts as a moisture absorber, helping to maintain a constant humidity level within the case over extended periods. The watertight seal effectively reatind moisture within the case, preventing damage from rapid moisture loss.

The ZERO™ case has been the standard for years for carrying fine cameras, optical instruments, measuring equipment, and delicate electronics. It's taken us over two years to find this, the perfect pipe case. We feel that the ZERO™'s adaptation to pipes is a logical step in the right direction, and are proud to offer this ultimate protection to the discriminating player.

Available in black or silver for $749.95 plus shipping and tax (if applicable); includes heavy-duty ZERO™ cellular foam; other options are: reed box - $24.9 installed5, flask - $139.95 installed, museum-quality temp/humidity gauge - $119.95 installed, all compartmentalised in the case. Custom interiors, lined with ultrasuede, are available at additional cost.

134X Silver case - fully customised green ultrasuede lined interior with humidifier, clock, hydrometer, flask, and reed box

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All images on this site used with permission from Tamarsha B.V. / Twice Blown Music and Sharp and Co Bagpipe Makers LTD